July 18, 2024
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Introducing Hip Hop and R&B’s Latest Buzz: Robert ‘KiDConscious’ Upton

From a young age, Robert Upton knew that he was destined to make music. He has always been gifted with the hands and mind of a musician. Better known today by his moniker, KiDConscious, the artist aims to take the global scene by storm. After being mentored by the extraordinary Denzel Washington and collaborating with some of today’s most prominent artists, he feels that it is now time for him to take the spotlight.

KiDConsious grew up in a musically inclined family. Ever since young, he was trained to be mindful of his stage presence. His parents also equipped him with music theories that strengthened his perspective on the art. At nine years old, the artist has already been rapping, performing, and playing a variety of characters as an actor. Indeed, he was born for entertainment.

Over the years in his musical career, KiDConsious has captivated music lovers from his community in the South and West side of Chicago. He has performed at many venues in different parts of the world, making loads of appearances and building a fanbase, all while recording new music. But he doesn’t plan on stopping there. The artist has big goals for himself, and that is to dominate the global music scene by storm. In addition, he has his eyes on paving the way for more black rap artists to enter the hip-hop and R&B scenes.

KiDConsious compares his rap style to the rap of the iconic ’90s rapper. “What makes me stand out is me being an independent artist and actor with in-depth knowledge and training in both fields. I have made waves and gained popularity through genuine good content and high energy. My style in rapping and acting shows the way I look at life has a lot of depth, fun, and loving characteristics,” shared the artist. “Authentic acting, behind authentic music, plus high ambition, gives me the ability to make movies without a production team.”

Furthermore, as a nationally recognized actor, KiDConscious has been featured across three significant networks, appeared in five televised shows, including Fox’s Chicago PD, Showtime’s The Chi, and several Gatorade commercials. Additionally, the artist has also opened for Polo G and DAX, both marking significant milestones in his career. KiDConsious has also been featured on Broadway World, ABC7, Shade45 Sirius XM, and Power 92.3.

“Growing up, I looked up to Denzel Washington and Jay Z. I wanted to be like both of them,” shared KiDConscious. He recalled wanting to cement a name for himself as that of his idols and reach his dreams by manifesting the courage they have in the entertainment industry. “I wanted to be seen because, for the first part of my life, I was bullied and told I couldn’t be what I wanted to be. I started this brand to show how confident I can be being who I am authentically,” the artist added.

In five years, KiDConscious sees himself at the prime of his career, producing his own movies, winning his first Grammy award, and investing in other artists who also dream of making a name for themselves in the music industry. But above all, he wants his life to be a manifestation that “God is good all the time.”

To learn more about KiDConscious, visit this site.

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