July 22, 2024
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Ivonne Arvizu Makes Credit Repair Accessible for Latinos

Everyone wants to have financial stability. Having a good credit score makes it easier to achieve financial success and freedom. Ivonne Arvizu knows how confusing the credit system in America can be, and she has made it her mission to assist others in improving their credit.

Ivonne Arvizu, known in the credit repair industry as La Reyna del Credito, has over 18 years of experience of helping people improve their financial lives. She has worked with people from all walks of life, including celebrities, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, and many other hard working individuals. 

Ivonne Arvizu’s eagerness to help people improve their finances stems from her humble beginnings. Ivonne shares, “I came from a disadvantaged family. Growing up, we always chased the American dream. When I was 20, I made that dream into reality by purchasing a home of my own.” Ivonne Arvizu graduated with honors in high school and received a four-year scholarship to UC Santa Barbara. After university, Ivonne became a high-ranking employee at two banks. Working at the bank made her realize that many people had bad credit due to a lack of knowledge. Ivonne then took it upon herself to conduct seminars that help people improve their credit scores. Her initiatives created a conflict of interest with the nature of her work in banking. “I decided to take a stand. I wanted to help others reach financial stability. If the bank would not let me do that, then I would start a company where I could be free to help others,” Ivonne shares. 

Ivonne Arvizu now offers a program that is unlike any other in the credit repair industry. La Reyna del Credito guarantees fixing FICO scores, and she can complete the work as early as 21 days. “I created this program that ensures people can get a home or refinance it in record time. I guarantee a credit score because I want them to reach their goal without having to spend several years working on credit repair,” Ivonne shares.

The primary focus of Ivonne’s work is with the Latino community. “My mother worked three jobs to purchase a home. She did everything she could to meet her financial obligations. Unfortunately, she got bad credit because she thought the system in America was the same as that in her home country. I knew then that many Latino families might have faced the same problems as my mother,” Ivonne shares.

Ivonne Arvizu wants to push the Latino community to be more educated about finances and plan for a financially stable retirement. For this reason, she has made her programs available in Spanish and English. 

Ivonne Arvizu’s work has reached many people. She has helped educate the Latino community on finances and credit through radio and television. Ivonne has been in various networks such as Telemundo and Univision. She has also been part of various educational programs on radio stations such as Radio Inspiracion, Radio Nueva Vida, Klove, and other networks with Lieberman broadcasting and Entravision communications.

“People do not usually intend to have bad credit. There are so many variables that cause that to happen. Fortunately, anyone with the right knowledge and proper support can repair their credit and financial standing. I am here to be that support,” says Ivonne Arvizu.

Ivonne “La Reyna del Credito” Arvizu works to help people repair their credit. More information about her programs is available on this website, LaReynaDelCredito.com. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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