July 16, 2024
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Ivy Artists Management on the Wong Quadruplets’ Upcoming Single, “Summertime”

Over the years, the music scene has witnessed hundreds and thousands of artists dominate their fields and make their marks on the industry. In a sea of talented singers and groundbreaking musicians, those who strive to create an impact and make a difference are the ones who manage to stand out and stay afloat. Such is the case with the Wong Quadruplets, an up-and-coming musical group under the wing of Ivy Artists Management

On a mission to take the industry by storm, the Wong Quadruplets is composed of three brothers and one sister. These eleven-year-old Asian American siblings are all actors and musicians represented by the ever-supportive Ivy Lundeen of Ivy Artists Management, which is a talent management firm based in Los Angeles with clients nationwide. Despite their young age, the quadruplets are out to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with. 

Today, the Wong Quadruplets have shown that they are more than ready to share their musical flair with the world. As a matter of fact, they will be releasing their first single, “Summertime,” on May 21st as a way of paying tribute to Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. The said song will be available on all streaming platforms and will even appear on Kids Say the Darndest Things on CBS on May 26, 2021. With the guidance and direction of Ivy Artists Management, it has become apparent that the siblings’ musical careers are taking off. 

Widely acknowledged for their diversity and versatility, the Wong Quadruplets are also represented by other agencies like Zuri Agency, CESD Talent Agency, and Schaul PR Group. Since Ivy Artists Management is affiliated with Stein Entertainment, it is able to manage a diverse demographic of youth talent. For this reason, the group of four is bound to resonate with a huge audience and listeners from all walks of life. 

Although the music industry is already saturated with established names and prominent figures, the Wong Quadruplets are still taking center stage because of their unique characteristics and youthful disposition.

“The Wong Quadruplets represent the emerging talent that we manage at Ivy Artists Management,” Ivy Lundeen said.

True enough, the siblings have gained recognition not only for their remarkable talent but also for their diverse cultural representation.

With a talent that speaks volumes about cultural and ethnic diversity in the United States, the Wong Quadruplets is a reflection of what Ivy Artists Management is all about. More than managing musicians as actors and voiceover artists, the well-reputed management aims to uphold the true essence of music, which is uniting people, bridging gaps, and breaking boundaries. 

On top of being a promising young group, the Wong Quadruplets also serves as the much-needed voice for aspirants and dreamers nationwide. Even though these rising stars are only eleven years old, their groundbreaking talent and revolutionary skills have proven that they are precocious and sophisticated for their age. Indeed, no one is too young nor too old to make their dreams true. 

In the coming years, Ivy Artists Management hopes to continue reshaping the music landscape by celebrating different ethnicities and encouraging others to embrace their cultures. Above anything else, the management wants to send across the message that music knows no bounds and that it transcends diversity. You can learn more about the Wong Quadruplets on their Instagram and Website. Learn more about Ivy Artists Management here.

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