May 24, 2024
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J.E.C: Your Trusted Source for Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Electrical Services

J.E.C: Your Trusted Source for Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Electrical Services
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When it comes to electrical installation and repair services in Fullerton, California, JEC with our Electrician Fullerton stands as a trusted name in the industry. This family-owned company, consisting of professionally licensed electricians, has been serving the Orange County community for over 42 years. J.E.C offers a wide range of electrical and lighting services for residential, industrial, and commercial clients in Fullerton and the surrounding areas.

The J.E.C Difference

J.E.C prides itself on its commitment to providing professional and reliable electrical services. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your electrical system, a business owner in need of commercial electrical solutions, or an industrial plant seeking uninterrupted power supply, J.E.C has you covered. Here’s a closer look at the services they offer:

1. Industrial Electrical Services in Fullerton

Industrial plants rely on an uninterrupted energy supply for optimum productivity. J.E.C’s team of fully trained professional electricians specializes in assessing the electrical needs of factories and warehouses. They provide services such as:

  • Complete electrical system installation.
  • Warehouse lighting.
  • Exterior lighting systems.
  • Internal wiring and panel upgrades.
  • Wiring for machines and compressors.
  • Electrical system diagnostics with infrared thermometers.

The goal is to ensure a smooth and consistent supply of adequate power for industrial needs while adhering to the latest safety standards and codes.

2. Commercial Electrical Services

Proper lighting is a basic necessity in a commercial establishment, ensuring customer comfort and satisfaction and directly impacting revenue. Electrician Fullerton offers comprehensive commercial electrical services to keep your business running efficiently and follow up with maintenance after installations or upgrades.

Their Commercial Electrical services in Fullerton include:

  • Lighting system installation and maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting and repairs.
  • 3-phase wiring.
  • Demolition and remodel.
  • Tenant finish.
  • Electrical signage hookups.
  • Security lighting.
  • Surge protection systems.
  • Additional power source installation.

These services are designed to provide dependable power supply and safety in commercial establishments. If you want to upgrade your business’s electrical system or make specific enhancements, contact Electrician Fullerton for your commercial electrical services in Fullerton.

3. Residential Electrical Services: Lighting Up Fullerton Homes

Electrical systems in your home need to be of the latest updated version for safety and energy efficiency. Electrician Fullerton installs reliable electrical systems to power your home while complying with the latest safety codes.

Their Residential Electrical services in Fullerton include:

  • Cabling for electronic devices like computers and TVs.
  • Dedicated circuits.
  • Extra outlets.
  • Home theater installation.
  • Electrical setup for hot tub and spa.
  • Furnace and air conditioner wiring.
  • Exterior security lighting.
  • Basement and attic electrical systems.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance.

They provide these reliable residential electrical services in Fullerton to keep your family safe and comfortable.

4. Lighting Maintenance: Fullerton’s Premier Lighting Maintenance Services

Electrician Fullerton offers a variety of lighting maintenance for commercial and residential needs.

Their Lighting Maintenance services in Fullerton include:

  • Landscape lighting.
  • Electrical signage hookups.
  • Parking lot lighting.
  • Pole light installation.
  • Monthly maintenance.
  • LED and energy-efficient lighting.
  • Lighting control panels.

Additionally, they install cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting systems for residences and commercial properties.

5. Electrical Installation Services: Setting the Standard in Fullerton

Installing a new electrical system or appliance requires a professional electrician to ensure safety, proper functioning, and avoidance of repairs or reinstallation in the long term. J.E.C’s team of trained electricians provides state-of-the-art electrical installation services in Fullerton.

Their Electrical Installation services in Fullerton include:

  • Kitchen heavy appliance installation.
  • Permit acquisition when needed.
  • Testing after installation.
  • Lighting installation.
  • Wiring installation and upgrades.
  • Home theater and spa installation.
  • EV charging station installation.
  • Security cameras installation.

They install residential and commercial electrical systems while complying with codes and safety standards.

6. Electrical Repair Services: Fullerton’s Fast Response Team

Electrical systems are intricate, and any slight component malfunction can interrupt your daily life or business productivity. Electrician Fullerton offers prompt electrical repair services to keep your home or business comfortable, safe, and running efficiently.

Their electrical repair services in Fullerton include:

  • Outlets and switches.
  • Wiring.
  • Lighting.
  • Electrical panels.

Contact Electrician Fullerton today for your residential, industrial, or commercial electrical needs.

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