July 20, 2024
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Jason Koonce Turns Childhood Hobby into a 7-Figure Business with OITA Sports

Not everyone gets the chance to turn their hobbies into seven-figure businesses. Jason Koonce did and is excelling at running a business that started as a childhood hobby. One Team International Agency (OTIA Sports) is a sports card and memorabilia company that collects sports cards and makes them available to sports fans that need them. Having been in the business for more than three decades, OTIA Sports has established relationships with sport card dealers, athletes, agents, celebrities, musicians, actors, business owners, and CEOs throughout North America.

Sport is one of the things many people enjoy worldwide, and that alone has contributed to the success that OTIA Sports has enjoyed over the years. Besides making a hobby out of a sports card collection, Jason Koonce is also a sports fan, and he has mixed all these hobbies to create a successful business making waves all over North America.

Since 1990, Jason Koonce has a reputation that positions him as the most reliable person for the rarest cards for any athlete. He passed on this quality to OTIA, and the company is one of the few sport card companies that can make any sports card available within 24 to 48 hours. “Because of my years of experience and reliability, I have had the opportunity to work with and build collections for Fortune 500 businessmen, musicians, celebrities, and athletes.”

Establishing OTIA Sports was both accidental and deliberate, as Jason only got into the sports card business as a hobby, but when it became a full-fledged business, he had to start a company to make things formal. Buying and selling cards started as a side business for him, and by his late teenage years, Jason was already friends with some of the top athletes and agents in the business. Many of the connections he formed years ago are still relevant today, and every day, he keeps increasing his network and OITA Sports’s reach all over the United States.

Beyond running his company, Jason Koonce has also dedicated some of his time to helping people who want to invest in sports cards. Jason once lost all his money in a real estate investment due to the 2007 real estate crash. He wants other people to be smarter with their investments; thus, he teaches people who want to invest in sports cards and walks them through what to do and what not to do. He also has his eyes fixated on expanding his company and its reach within and beyond the United States of America. The industry is growing with more people developing an interest in sports cards. More women, younger people, and older people are taking it up as a hobby; and to Jason, that looks a lot like progress.

Taking his self-motivation, work ethic, and sheer desire to make a difference, Jason Koonce has spent the last three decades excelling in an industry that is not very mainstream. He expects to see the number of collectors increasing, with millions of people worldwide becoming investors in the sports cards industry.

Learn more about OTIA Sports by following the official Instagram handle or visiting the website.

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