June 13, 2024
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Jessica Klaus “Jessie_DoesHair” Strives to Help Save Beauty and Salon Industry Across the Country Through Social Media and Beauty Industry Leaders

After a wave of financial crises hit the beauty and salon industry, Jessica Klaus has been at the forefront in helping professionals in the field get the financial assistance and support they deserve. But after the first round of payroll protection program resulted in a bad distribution, many hair and beauty experts have been too terrified to get the help they need for fear that the endeavor would not end well. With this reality at hand, Jessica has since made it her mission to save salons through the Pro Beauty Federation movement by rebuilding their trust and the integrity with these helpful programs. 

Jessica Klaus, also referred to as  jessie_doeshair, is a rising artist and beauty industry influencer who has an excellent vision for the salon industry. Jessie has amassed nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram. Jessie was asked to help run social media for this amazing cause and share this message no one was sharing on the news or at banks.  She had learned and had received things personally from this program. Both of her salons and almost the entire Bay Area were receiving help from this and no one knew what was happening. They hadn’t heard from their banker yet or had not been notified from their current ppp loans associate that things were opening for pre approval. “I needed to help advocate and start screaming this from the rooftops until all 1.2 million professionals had been told this new information. We could get help sooner and faster then what our own banks were able to help facilitate. This was awesome news and had to be spread across this nation like wildfire.”

She originally got in touch with the founder of probeautyfederation, fellow friend and lawyer Fred Jones. “Fred shared how @biz2credit would be pre approving us now and we could start to retain this free help from them and it was coming. We were receiving calls of approvals and deposits were being posted within 72 hours. Thousands of phone calls and emails started pouring in and we had started a revolution,” Jessie said. Pro Beauty Federation is an organization established to help beauty industry professionals, stylists, tattoo artists, makeup artists and all other small businesses as well throughout the United States. Together, they have sought to revolutionize the salon arena and future closures of the country to protect those who are board certified but are never deemed essential to the containment of the spread infectious disease control. 

Jessie explains, “When we are given our board certified licenses across all states, it’s after about 1,600 hours of state board training on exactly that. Infectious disease control. These people are usually critical to epidemics not becoming pandemics and we were locked out completely. We are not tested on haircuts. In fact, you are never even given a full service to complete because the test is only about client protection, sanitation, and safety. We are not hospitals, but we are trained on exactly what could have helped, at a limited capacity instead of just being threatened and forbidden to care for our communities  What we are fighting for are future closures. No one in the infectious disease control sector was ever deemed essential! The closures and tiers the state said were essential were human consumption and retail, which never had any intention by the state to control the epidemic from becoming a pandemic. Maybe in the future with help from the beauty industry, we can help protect further small businesses from closing and bleeding them dry. As a whole, the state needs to do a better job protecting the public from future pandemics and never underestimate the power of the people. This industry was literally slowly drained, and we’re here to blow it back up. Let’s fight for what’s right and join forces and help the salons and the people so affected. The stories are real and tragic and the people need some positive news.”

The Pro Beauty Federation partnered with Biz2Credit, and they have formed an easy application process for the payroll protection program and an application designed to assist industry professionals in getting forgivable financial assistance. Knowing that the previous rollout of the program encountered several issues, the laws would be entirely different this time. Through partnership with Odessa and Biz2Credit, users would now be much more protected in this financial support system as they come together with lawyers, bankers, and other professionals who will ensure overall safety and security. “It has been overwhelming and scary, but we’re here to hold the hands of industry professionals and small businesses we love to make life easier for the people across the country. Save our salons, and let’s get back to work, and we will continue to fight and rebuild the integrity wrongfully ripped away from us.” she shares. 

Essentially, this fantastic movement for financial support by Pro Beauty Federation is not meant to accommodate only hair stylists and salons. Even tattoo artists, restaurants, and bars are welcome to ask for help. In the future, Jessica Klaus also has her eyes on helping beauty industry influencers and many other small businesses. 

Jessica Klaus highlights the important roles that beauty professionals, barbers, and hair artists play in every person’s life. From the doctors and nurses and teachers and all the important people we touch, it is undeniable that the beauty industry takes on a crucial path in making these days more special and memorable for their entire communities through their service. With that said, the industry deserves all the support in every way. “As artists, we need our salon leaders to set the example and also thrive on helping us bounce back positively. If we see them fall apart, we are gonna fall apart,” expresses Jessie. 

To know more about Jessie Klaus and the Pro Beauty Federation, you may check out her LinkTree.

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