Kanye West declares 2024 presidential bid

Kanye West

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Kanye West has declared his intention to run for president of the United States in 2024. Even though his recent actions have led to several scandals.

Kanye West, whose legal name is now Ye, posted a video of his campaign logo with the words “Ye 24” next to it on social media.

He also said that he had asked Donald Trump to run with him.

West ran for president before in 2020, but his campaign failed, and he got only 70,000 votes.

His latest claims were made in a video posted after West and a well-known white nationalist, Nick Fuentes, were seen at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago golf club this week.

West said that when he asked the former president, who had just started his campaign for re-election, to be his running mate, the former president was very upset.

West’s campaign starts at a time when he is in several stormy controversies.

He got a lot of bad press for wearing a T-shirt to Paris Fashion Week that said “White Lives Matter.” This is a phrase that white supremacists started using in 2015 as a response to the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

West then said that his critics were paid by a secret group of Jews, a common anti-Semitic trope.

His talent agency dropped the 45-year-old because he kept making antisemitic comments online and in TV interviews. At the same time, fashion companies like Gap, Adidas, and Balenciaga said they would no longer work with him.

Later, the musician said he had lost $2 billion in one day.

This week, Rolling Stone magazine said that West had made Adidas employees who worked on his Yeezy brand shoes work in a bad environment by using porn, bullying, and mind games.

Adidas to investigate Kanye West

West ran for president in 2020, but he started his campaign at least six states had already voted.

He only held one rally, where he broke down in tears while talking about abortion, and paid for two TV ads. In the end, he was only on the ballot in 12 states.

The rapper declared alt-right commentator Milo Yiannopoulos as his campaign manager for his 2024 run.

Mr. Yiannopoulos used to be an editor at the right-wing website Breitbart. After a video came out in 2017 in which he seemed to approve of pedophilia, most conservatives avoided him. He called the remarks “gallows humor” and said that he was “disgusted” by the sexual abuse of children.

Mr. Yiannopolous’s most recent job was as an intern for Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Adidas looks into the allegations of “toxic” behavior

Adidas had looked into claims that when he worked for the company, rapper Kanye West created a “toxic environment.”

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Some people who worked on the Yeezy collaboration told Rolling Stone that he showed them explicit pictures and videos to bully them.

In a letter, they said that West’s bosses knew about his bad behavior but that they “turned off their moral compass.”

Adidas said that it did not know yet if the claims were true.

West hasn’t said anything about the Rolling Stone story. The company fired him last week after making anti-Semitic comments online.

Rolling Stone said that anonymous staff members said that he tried to scare them away. By doing sexually suggestive things, often directed at women and sometimes provocative.

He showed them explicit pictures and videos of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and himself.

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