July 17, 2024
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Kate Maguire Pushes Women Empowerment in A Dominantly Male Industry

Women have been taking over the biggest industries as of late as opportunities to grow and thrive open up for people from all walks of life. In a time when most people in the natural health and distribution industry are males, one woman entrepreneur hopes to open up a new dimension in the sector. Her name is Kate Maguire, and she’s reinventing the natural health products industry. 

Kate is the owner and founder of a company named CLM Health Group, a natural health products boutique distributor that has been taking over the local and national markets. The company is based in Ontario and operates a network that has helped the organization reach multi-million dollar levels in record time. CLM Health Group’s success started with Ascenta Nutrasea, a product created from Omega 3 Fish Oils and achieved further success with brands like Benecin Defense immune support and Tru Niagen which supports cellular health. Kate has over twenty years of proven experience and results in the natural health channel. Today, the company and its brand have become an international name across the natural health and wellness world, which has helped set Kate Maguire apart from the rest.

The whole concept and inspiration for CLM and Maguire’s massive empire have been her own experiences. However, she admits that she didn’t have the best of starts. In fact, the health and wellness company began with her own health-related challenges, “I had a life-changing experience when I was twenty-seven years old,” recalls Kate Maguire. “I was experiencing struggles of my own. So while my doctor suggested pharmaceuticals, I pursued another route. My experience with natural health solutions was so profound that I knew I had to work in the natural health field someway or somehow.”

It helped that Kate was driven and passionate about sales. Her love and desire for success would become a pivotal force for her career, health, relationships, and other life aspects. Equipped with a desire to share her healing journey through natural medicine, she connected with a Naturopathic Doctor who helped her understand the tenets of natural medicine and get her on the road to full recovery and entrepreneurial success. 

What sets Kate apart from the rest of the industry is her ability to marry a passion for natural health with a knack for business and sales. Eventually, those two things would give birth to a sales, marketing, and distribution company that has pushed the boundaries of natural health across Ontario and other Canadian cities and regions. 

Moreover, in the male-dominated field of sales & marketing, Kate stands out as an influential figure. Accordingly, Maguire has become a monument of what perseverance and hard work can bring. She hopes to be a beacon of hope to women who want to get ahead through business but have doubts or feel like they wouldn’t know where to begin.  She offers free business advice, guidance, and motivation through her Instagram page @katemaguireofficial and on Health & Wealth at The Kate Maguire Podcast on Spotify.  Kate has created a winning sales strategy that has helped her convert more effectively to her campaigns and efforts. Today, she also uses networks in the pharmacy and online world to get her products to more people.

Kate hopes to show others they can get ahead in life if they commit to their path. In addition, she hopes that CLM Health Group will be able to help make more people’s dreams come true over the next few years and beyond.

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