July 24, 2024
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Kathy Ireland Gives Back This Holiday Season with The Waltons’ Homecoming

The past year has been a witness to the adversity brought by the pandemic, and lately, there has been a noticeable lack of encouraging programs in the media. To address this dilemma, famous entrepreneur Kathy Ireland and legendary producer Sam Haskell team up to deliver a film that promotes faith, family, love, and inclusivity this holiday season. 

Through The Waltons’ Homecoming, they hope to impart the feeling of encouragement to different American households in these trying times. The film is a remake of the classic Homecoming: A Christmas Carol, which was released in 1971 and is having its 50th anniversary this year.

It is with great privilege for kathy ireland® Worldwide to be the sole presenting sponsor for this film and to work with Emmy Award-winning producer Sam Haskell, who is the Chair and President of Magnolia Hill Productions at Warner Bros.

Renowned actor Richard Thomas, who played John Boy in the original film, is excited to be the narrator in the remake. Among the bunch of artists he is working with within the film are Bellamy Young, Ben Lawson, and Logan Shroyer.

The movie premiered on The CW network during Thanksgiving weekend, on November 28, and will have an encore on December 11. 

“When we began dreaming of what gift we could give virtually to every American family this year…this film became our powerful choice,” said Kathy Ireland, chair, CEO, and Chief Designer of kathy ireland® Worldwide. 

“Kathy has an extraordinarily beautiful heart. The decision for kathy ireland® Worldwide to be the presenting sponsor of The Waltons’ Homecoming is truly a wonderful gift for every family, and as it will air on The CW, is freely available to millions of people,” said Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. They star in the film as Sister Harriet and Brother William. 

The real-life couple, who are seven-time Grammy Award-winning performers, will sing their own rendition of Silent Night as a film accompaniment. As described by TV Guide, the beautiful and soulful song was officially released by WaterTower Music on November 29.

McCoo and Davis Jr. have had the pleasure of collaborating with Kathy Ireland before in partnership with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF). They performed a holiday vocal performance that serves as a call to action to support the NPCF and raise contributions for the foundation. 

Kathy Ireland’s unceasing success in the industry comes hand in hand with her tireless advocacy for different causes. She continues to use her stage as a platform for her philanthropy and is one of America’s top ten health advocates. In addition, she is the youngest woman ever elected to the Hall of Fame by Licensing International for molding kathy ireland® Worldwide into the highest-ranked solely-owned licensing company in America.

With her company’s accomplishments as the 15th most successful brand in American history, Kathy Ireland’s sponsorship of The Waltons’ Homecoming serves as an ideal gift from her to the hearts of the American families. Learn more about Kathy Ireland and her successful design and marketing firm, kathy ireland® Worldwide, by visiting her official website.

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