June 12, 2024
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Kayana Herndon: Multi-Talented Independent Artist Drops Perfect Pandemic Jingle, “6 Feet”

While the pandemic may have caused millions of people to struggle with their professional lives, it has also paved the way for limitless explorations and bringing back long-lost passion and interests. This is true for rising musician Kayana Herndon, who never really focused on her musical gift as she pursued other endeavors in life. At present, she is finally taking her talent to the next level, producing songs written to help others overcome today’s challenges. 

Kayana Herndon is a 23-year-old multi-talented and independent hip-hop, pop, and R&B singer and songwriter. Born in Palm Springs and raised in Oceanside, California, her passion for music stems from her childhood. She first started to showcase her talent in multiple school plays as a child. As a teenager, she ventured into the YouTube world through her music channel, “iAmKayana.” Currently, the channel has amassed over 100,000 views, and the numbers continue to grow. 

After losing her job to the pandemic, she redirected her focus to her musical skills. Ultimately, Kayana Herndon envisions singing and writing songs professionally. Determined to chase after this lifelong dream, she successfully released her first original song entitled “Fade Away,” followed by a second single, “6 Feet.” The second single also paved Kayana’s way toward music video production as she successfully directed her first-ever music video project for the song. 

As an artist, Kayana Herndon embraces her creative independence. She knows what she wants in the music industry, and she is empowered to pursue her goal. Unlike most conventional artists who have no problem including profanities and explicit lyrical content in their music, the rising pop/hip-hop diva has chosen to keep her music on the safe side. Essentially, she is firm in producing music that listeners of all ages can enjoy. 

Her latest song, “6 Feet,” has been dubbed as the perfect jingle for the pandemic as it has become a powerful trending hit over quarantine. The chill, laid-back record has won the hearts of many people from different social media platforms. Today, Kayana Herndon is all over Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Pandora, and other streaming sites. 

Although not yet signed to a label, it is only a matter of time before big-time music labels will discover this singer’s industry-shaking talent. Today, Kayana Herndon embraces her creative independence as she is learning the ins and outs of music production from scratch. From sound engineering to editing music videos and coming up with striking dance choreography, she has accomplished it all. Eventually, she hopes to share her music production skills with other aspiring artists to help them catapult their way to success. 

Indeed, a bright future is inevitably ahead of Kayana Herndon. The visionary singer has her eyes on becoming an established artist, releasing her first album, and going on tour. In all these endeavors, her vision remains the same: to inspire others to work within their passion and purpose. “We only get one life, and we do not know when it’s time to close the curtains, so make the best of it,” shares the rising music maven. 

Learn more about Kayana Hendon and her music by checking her out on Spotify.

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