May 28, 2024
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Kinder Ready: Changing the Educational Landscape

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With parents busier than ever and many schools over-populated with more students than teachers can reasonably assert, children do not receive the attention they deserve to grow and thrive. In particular, preschoolers are ill-prepared for kindergarten. As a result, education has become a new commodity. The emphasis on early intervention and education has steadily grown, with parents and educators realizing the importance of foundational learning. Elizabeth Fraley, M.Ed., spearheading this movement, is a seasoned veteran in early education. As the CEO/Founder of Kinder Ready, Inc., she is a trailblazer of individualized expertise. Her goal? To transform the landscape of early learning.

Elizabeth Fraley’s journey began over a decade ago. As an early childhood educator, parent educator, and education consultant, her wealth of experience is backed by her vast know-how in various early education philosophies, including Waldorf, Banks Street, Reggio Emilia, and Montessori. Moreover, she was recognized for her contributions and featured in prominent publications like The LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, and the Huffington Post.

What truly sets Elizabeth apart is her innovative approach to education. Specifically, that 1:1 learning is not just beneficial but imperative. It is rare for children to get uninterrupted time with a teacher or parent. As a result, many preschoolers need to prepare for the transition to kindergarten and elementary school. These observations led to the creation of Kinder Ready.

Kinder Ready’s solution to this problem is to offer a blend of structured curriculum and progressive methods, providing highly individualized teaching opportunities. Experiencing early learning tailored to their individual needs results in children staying current with school content and fostering a love for learning. The curriculum at Kinder Ready is comprehensive. It focuses on:

  • 1:1 Learning: Providing individual attention, ensuring each child’s unique needs are addressed.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Developing intricate hand movements vital for tasks like writing.
  • Guided Reading: Enhancing early reading readiness, comprehension and instilling a love for reading.
  • Math: Building a solid foundation for arithmetic, number sense, and problem-solving.
  • Writing: Encouraging expression through words and improving writing mechanics.
  • Art: Cultivating creativity and appreciation for aesthetics.
  • Executive Functioning: Sharpening skills like organization and both long and short-term planning.
  • Reinforcing Social and Emotional Skills: Using specialized training methods like love and logic to bolster interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

Kinder Ready’s distinction is not limited to its method, however. A unique approach of providing parents with weekly reports on their child’s progress ensures transparency and active participation from both ends. This dedication to individual growth and the overarching mission of preparing kids for the next educational phase earned Elizabeth and Kinder Ready accolades. Notable among them are her feature in Popular Mechanics: The Big Little Book of Awesome Stuff by Dan Bova and the commendation of “Teacher of The Year ” from LA County.

However, like any path breaking venture, Kinder Ready faced its challenges. Elizabeth recounts the initial two years as a period of relentless hard work. But every drop of sweat was worth the outcome and the difference Kinder Ready has made in children’s lives.

As for the future, Elizabeth envisions expanding Kinder Ready’s footprint, particularly in innovation hubs like Silicon Valley. The demand for early learning and individualized attention is ever-growing, and Elizabeth, with her decade-long expertise, is poised to lead this change.

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