June 15, 2024
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Known Unknown Is Redefining How Creative Talents Work

There are so many changes in the world, especially in how creative talents work. Conventional employment no longer seems appealing to many people, as freelancing or independent contracting have become highly preferred options. James Sommerville caught on to this and made moves to change things. As an experienced design expert who has held various corporate positions, James founded Known Unknown in 2019 to give creatives all over the world a platform to share, collaborate, mentor, and grow together.

Known Unknown is a 100% distributed platform that brings all these creative talents together to deliver their best outputs under the best working conditions. Jason Sommerville worked as the vice president of Global Design at The Coca-Cola Company between 2013 and 2018. He saw the challenges the company faced with putting the best design team together. He saw more than 100 agencies pitch their services to Coke, but he never saw any changes there. James decided to step away from his high-profile role to reinvent the wheels in the creative industry.

With his vision for Known Unknown, James Sommerville will be giving creative entities all the room they need to flourish and serve their clients better. Known Unknown is set to launch its website towards the end of April and will adopt innovative features like automation, artificial intelligence, NFTs, and cryptocurrency. It’s a platform like never before that the competition cannot beat at the moment. Jason Sommerville’s unique vision can be attributed to the impressive and impeccable resume that he has built over the last three decades.

He spent five years at The Coca-Cola Company as the vice president of Global Design leading the global design team to great marketing success stories. James activated global brand campaigns in more than 200 markets. He was responsible for branding products like the Coca-Cola trademark, Sprite, Diet Coke, Fanta, Fairlife, Minute Maid, Fuse Tea, Powerade, and a host of other products. He also took charge of leading programs like “Coke Bottle 100-year celebration 2015,” “One Brand Strategy KOTM Identity 2016,” “Taste the Feeling OOH Global Campaign 2016,” “Beverages for Life” corporate visual identity 2017,” “London 2012, Rio 2016 Olympic visual identities,” etc.

Before his job with The Coca-Cola Company, he already established ATTIK, a design agency that he created with a £2,000 start-up grant from the Prince’s Youth Business Trust Charity in 1986. He launched the agency in his grandmother’s attic, and within 25 years, the agency grew to a staff strength of 250 across offices in Leeds, London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, and San Francisco. All his life, James Sommerville has been about the design life. He studied Graphic Design and Typography at Batley Art School, West Yorkshire, England, and spent three years of his life as a street artist chalking UK streets to make some money. These experiences in the design world culminated in the birth of the passion he has for creative people and helping them make the most of their talents.

He has recently been hired to work with brands like Ford Motor Company, Kellogg’s Pringles, HP, Google, Nature Valley (General Mills), and Elanco on their rebranding projects. His goal is to grow Known Unknown to have 5 million creative members fully signed up and 200 brands/clients in close partnership with the brand. “Our goal at Known Unknown (KU) is to reinvent old models and take full advantage of the countless opportunities that abound everywhere,” James says.

Learn more about Known Unknown on the official website and the founder, James Sommerville, on his official website.

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