May 24, 2024
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LA Gold Masks Addresses Modern Concerns Through Facial Treatments

Photo credit: Simon Perry

When it comes to skincare, many of us have our routines set due to many trial and error attempts over the years. But as our bodies and daily routines continue to evolve, our products and self-care practices should evolve as well. With the amount of time we are surrounding ourselves with technology today, it is wearing us down while still keeping us connected to the world. LA Gold Masks has released an exemplary product that can stand on its own by fitting into your modern lifestyle at an unbeatable price.

Inspired by Cleopatra’s ancient beauty ritual of covering her face in gold, LA Gold Masks has updated this luxurious idea and combined it with Korean beauty techniques. The result is revolutionary; by honoring the old, time-tested traditions and combining them with the new and latest in skincare research, the Pure 24k Gold Anti-Aging Facial Treatment was made. The gold peel-off mask brings the benefits of a luxury spa to the comfort of your home while also providing a solution to the unintentional harms we face through our daily device usage. The harmful high energy visible (HEV) light that screens emit harms our skin on a microscopic level. With extended periods of screen exposure being as bad for you as too much sun, hyperpigmentations and dark spots aren’t too far behind. This mask nourishes the skin while protecting it from the effects of HEV lighting simultaneously.

“Growing up, my mother was always big on skin care. Because of her, I got into the routine of taking care of my skin as well. She loves our product, and she’s 70 years old. Skincare doesn’t begin or end at a certain age. Skincare is something that should be implemented into your everyday lifestyle,” says Founder Neil Ghosh, when asked if this product was targeted towards a specific age demographic.

Due to gold’s natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, the benefits of this mask can be seen on multiple levels. The nourishing vitamin and mineral-rich formulation of LA Gold Masks formula works with their custom colloidal gold technology to stimulate skin cells, improve blood circulation, and prevent premature aging. The lifting, firming, and anti-aging facial treatment perfects the skin’s complexion and contributes to a healthy and balanced microbiome. With the use of the latest in beauty techniques, this mask is meant to penetrate deep in order to repair damaged cells and improve overall skin tone.

“Hollywood’s Secret Behind Celebrity Skin” wouldn’t have become what it is if it didn’t have the environmental awareness and sustainability that LA Gold Masks™ adheres to with their production. Their pure 24k gold masks are 100% vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and beeswax-free. LA Gold Masks™ uses a unique compound of plant-based amino acids with vitamin A, vitamin C, aloe vera, and witch hazel to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen. Their gold peel-offs are perfect for the ever-growing number of conscious consumers who care about their environmental impact as much as they care about their skin’s health and quality. 

More than ever, our mental health is as important as skin health and physical health. The adjustment to the new normal does not mean we should normalize damaged skin anymore than we would neglect our mental or physical health. LA Gold Masks was created to emphasize the importance of skincare in maintaining one’s overall health and well-being. At LA Gold Masks, the mantra is healthy skin for a healthy life, and that’s the commitment they make to their customers on a daily basis. 

Visit the LA Gold Masks™ website and Instagram for more information.

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