July 17, 2024
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LA Laura Paris Drops Heartfelt Tribute “Mon Papa”

LA Laura Paris Drops Heartfelt Tribute Mon Papa
Photo Courtesy: LA Laura Paris

French pop act LA Laura Paris, known for her versatility, has released her deeply emotional new single, ‘Mon Papa.’ A tribute to her late father exploring themes of loss, love, and remembrance.

Born to French and Belgian parents, LA Laura Paris’s journey into the world of music began early. Just imagine, by age 5, she was training in classical music at the Royal Academy of Music in Brussels, mastering both the violin and piano. Her early repertoire included Bach, Amélie Poulain’s waltzes, and Michel Polnareff’s “Lettre à France,” with her first compositions emerging when she was just fourteen.

LA Laura Paris explored various dance forms to compliment her style; it was only natural  that she was going to add a new layer to her art—classical, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and even Bollywood. If you notice carefully all these styles are incorporated  into her electro-pop performances. Her unique approach even includes American Sign Language (ASL), adding a rich visual dimension to her music. She once performed with French singer Zazie on a variety show. 

LA Laura Paris’s career took a significant turn when she relocated to Hollywood after modeling at Fashion Week and collaborating with French Touch legends in Paris. At the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, she began creating music inspired by her life experiences, blending her Parisian roots with Hollywood glamor. Initially singing in English, she eventually returned to her native French, finding a deeper connection to her heritage.

As the singer songwriter for her new track ‘Mon Papa’, the song reflects a profound sense of sorrow, and a tribute to her father’s enduring influence on her life. Lyrics like “Tant de choses à te dire / Mais plus de moment / Et pourtant là-bas si tu m’entends / Mon Papa” evoke the pain of unfinished conversations and the hope that her father might still hear her from beyond.

Unlike her previous work, “Mon Papa” definitely takes on a much more somber tone. This poignant piece delves into the complexities of loss and the intricate emotions that accompany it. For those who have not experienced the pain of losing a loved one, this song still offers a profound and emotional journey, inviting them to explore the depths of sorrow and empathy.

For those who have faced such a profound loss, “Mon Papa” resonates on a deeper level, unlocking deeply seated feelings and memories. The song serves as a powerful conduit for expressing the grief and longing that may have been buried within. Listeners who have experienced loss may either relish the opportunity to materialize the emotions that have been in their hearts for so long or find solace in being reminded of their blessings, cherishing the time they still have with their living parents.

“Mon Papa” stands as a testament to the universal human experience of love and loss, creating a bridge of understanding and compassion between those who have faced such heartache and those who are fortunate enough to still have their loved ones with them. This piece not only highlights the raw and honest emotions tied to loss but also underscores the importance of appreciating and treasuring the relationships we hold dear.

Laura had already made waves with singles like “Game Over,” “Bonbon,” and “Kissing Boys,” each demonstrating her ability to combine catchy pop melodies with introspective, relatable themes. LA Wire is told she is currently in LA, recording a full length project. Her innovative approach to music and storytelling has earned her a growing fanbase and acclaim as one of the most promising new artists in the electro-pop scene.

Experience the emotional depth of LA Laura Paris’s latest single, “Mon Papa” below:

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