June 13, 2024
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LA’s Residential Revolution: Why New Home Communities are Gaining Traction

LA’s Residential Revolution
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Things are changing in the residential property sector in the Los Angeles area. There’s no question that, since the pandemic, people’s priorities have changed. And those changes in preferences are now having a knock-on effect on the local housing market.

Suddenly, space has become the priority. Access to nature, too, has jumped up homebuyers’ wish lists. The problem is that LA is perhaps not the best spot for those sought-after amenities. Hence, the rise of San Bernardino, Riverside, and other outskirt cities as desirable places to live.

New home communities are taking the real estate market by storm within these suburban communities. But why? What’s driving the lust for newly constructed homes instead of buying from existing housing stock? Let’s look at the factors driving the residential revolution.

The Rise of San Bernardino County’s Residential Appeal 

As LA continues to grow and evolve, residents are increasingly looking to neighboring counties for that previous space at a price point they can afford. Situated on the northeastern edge of LA, San Bernardino County is becoming a magnet for those looking to secure that perfect blend of urban amenities with nature on their doorstep.

For instance, suburban cities such as Victorville offer majestic views of and access to the majestic San Gabriel Mountains without losing connectivity to the city (it’s minutes away from I-15). Cities including Riverside and San Bernardino itself are both around 30 minutes away, a more-than-manageable commute, with LA just over an hour away (depending on traffic).

Home building firms have targeted these areas for their potential as “best of both worlds” locations, and they’re already enjoying early success. With proximity to some of California’s best natural playgrounds and within striking distance of employment hubs, these new home communities are providing prospective buyers with something different – a high quality of life at an affordable price point. 

Why Angelenos Are Chasing Nature

As one of the first states to deliver a statewide stay-at-home order to slow the spread of COVID-19, those days seem to have impacted Angelenos. The pandemic was challenging for those without space or readily available access to green spaces and nature. 

And while that scary and bizarre time is well behind us, the wants and desires sparked by it are just coming to fruition. No longer are Millennial generations looking for trendy apartment spots in up-and-coming LA neighborhoods. Instead, they want space, fresh air, and many natural surroundings.

Those moving to the new home communities in the Victor Valley area are treated to a vast selection of California’s outdoor attractions. The imposing San Gabriel Mountains, the Mojave Narrows Regional Park, the Angeles National Forest, and the San Bernardino National Forest are in striking distance. Big Bear Lake is also just over an hour’s drive away.

In short, the opportunities are almost endless, whether skiing, fishing, hiking, biking, or just a day out at the park. They provide precisely what many Angelenos want: a veritable escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and a chance to refresh and rejuvenate themselves in nature.

New Homes are Providing Modern Living at an Affordable Price Point

Another reason buyers are flocking to new homes in the LA area is that they offer the latest and most significant advancements in modern living without breaking the bank. From high-end cabinetry and luxury vinyl plank flooring to integrated technology and high-end appliances, new homes are built to deliver all the modern amenities homeowners want without the associated price tag of a luxurious LA home.

For instance, look at new home communities such as Desert Willow Village in Victorville, where homes are constructed by leading builder LGI Homes. Here, residents can expect a full suite of Whirlpool® kitchen appliances, granite countertops, smart thermostats, Wi-Fi-enabled garage door openers, and even solar panels included as standard.

When you factor in the vast majority of these homes being priced in the $400s, deciding to move here for those looking for new homes near Riverside is easy. You have some of the best outdoor adventures on your doorstep and the convenience of urban amenities and an ultra-modern living experience provided by a brand-new home. 

How New Homes Are Helping People Live Greener Lives

LA’s Residential Revolution

With each year’s wildfire season a constant reminder of the effects of climate change, many of us are increasingly concerned about the environment. While green living options are limited in LA, new home communities are built with the future in mind.

For example, many of these homes come complete with solar panels, harnessing California’s hundreds of days of sunshine each year to generate energy, reduce carbon emissions, and lower utility bills. Then there’s the construction of new homes. Far more sustainable building materials are utilized these days, and the homes are better insulated than those built 20-30 years ago.

Add in features such as ENERGY STAR-rated LED lighting and double-pane Low-E windows; these new homes require much less energy daily. As living an eco-friendlier life becomes a goal for all of us, new home communities already deliver much of the heavy lifting. 

Embracing LA’s New Era of Healthy, Affordable, and Sustainable Living

As you can see, there’s a quiet revolution underway in the LA residential housing sector. New home communities are springing up to offer Angelenos what they’ve long wanted: sustainable, modern homes combining urban conveniences and easy access to nature.

Areas such as Riverside, San Bernadino, and even further afield are the perfect locations for creating such a lifestyle. These areas provide easy access to the city, are just a stone’s throw from outdoor activities, and have a range of new home communities to choose from. 

Those looking to get on the property ladder for the first time no longer have to aim for pokey one-bedrooms apartments. Instead, they have everything they want and more by moving a little farther out. It’s certainly a trade-off. But one that thousands have already made and undoubtedly thousands more will make soon.

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