July 21, 2024
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Lihsing Wang: The Driving Force Behind Tory Burch Jewelry’s High-Tech Design

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

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Acclaimed fashion and product designer Lihsing Wang is making a name for himself in the world of high fashion, particularly with his notable work with Tory Burch jewelry. With an exceptional portfolio of accolades, Wang’s dedication to the integration of advanced technology in design has become his signature.

Born in Taiwan and based in New York City, Wang graduated with a Master’s degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute after completing his Bachelor’s degree at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. His career journey took him through roles such as a Tech Innovations Specialist at The Sample Room NYC, an Industrial Designer at Wistron. Inc, and to his current position as a full-time contractor with Tory Burch.

In 2023, Wang founded Utopia Corporation, a platform aimed at fostering cultural exchange within the creative industry. Utopia recently hosted the “NYC Socially Engaged Art Party,” an event that combined various artistic mediums with audience interaction, to shape the arts scene in New York City.

His award list, including 14 international awards, is a testament to his expertise and innovative approach to design. Among his most notable accolades are the A’ Design Award, International Design Awards (IDA), European Product Design Awards, NYCxDESIGN Awards, iF Design Award, and Red Dot Awards.

His work, a blend of art and technology, has been exhibited at prestigious events including the NYCxDesign Exhibition, 40 x 40 Exhibition Istanbul, International good design exhibition, Hebei International Industrial Design Week, Shenzhen International Industrial Design Week, and Young Designers’ Exhibition in Taiwan.

Wang’s innovative approach to design is evident in his collaboration with Tory Burch, where he uses 3D printing to create jewelry prototypes. “In my collaboration with Tory Burch, my role revolves around translating design ideas into practical reality while ensuring a seamless production and usage process,” he said. “My goal is to develop functional and producible jewelry pieces that align perfectly with Tory Burch’s vision and design aesthetic.”

Wang’s works have also been featured in a range of publications, from online magazines like Supertacular, Attitude Mag, Italianbark, to renowned design platforms like Interior Design and Designers.org.

Get to know more about Lihsing Wang’s innovative journey in the realm of high fashion and design through his LinkedIn and Instagram.

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