May 24, 2024
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Listen For Nutrition With Nutriv, The Latest And Greatest Force Fighting Over Supplementation

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Walk into any pharmacy, drugstore, or holistic market and you’re sure to be blasted with rows and rows of vitamins, minerals, and everything in between. The choice is yours, which is stressful to say the least. Over-supplementation has become a growing concern among health professionals and those in the fitness community, and who could blame them? With so many choices and names who claim to be a one-stop shop for comprehensive wellness, how is anyone expected to push away the clutter and uncover the good stuff? Nutriv is the latest pioneer in a growing diaspora of “fast fitness” resources that streamline our journey to health and well-being, but without compromising quality or transparency. The company is navigating a new frontier of honest supplementation that propels our personal development rather than scrambles it up, redefining a one-and-done approach that doesn’t leave anything behind.

Officially introduced in 2020 as SmartProtein, Nutriv has recently rebranded to reflect their growing ethos of inclusivity and transparency beyond their eponymous protein blends. When the company was first unveiled to fitness communities, their vegan powders stirred a conversation about condensing our consumption of supplements that make a lot of claims with very little support or results to back their promise. Nutriv’s flagship product, the SmartProtein blend, packs a punch with essential vitamins and minerals that cover a range of targets, including brain health. The powders, which are currently available in vanilla or chocolate, are built with natural ingredients like L-Theanine, a naturally occurring nootropic found in green tea leaves that strengthens our brain power. To support their informative vision, the company maintains a voice on their website that dives deep into practical wellness techniques––tips and tricks on how to live healthier with ease. One of their more compelling entries dissects the allure of nootropics and their role in achieving a balanced state of wellness for mind, body, and soul. At its core, the goal of Nutriv is to educate and empower individuals to take control of their health and put the power of wellness in their own hands. Their simplified model for balance currently comes in vanilla or chocolate flavors, but the pursuit of a better body and stronger mind goes beyond powders or supplements. Above all else, it’s a lifestyle choice.


For many consumers, the pursuit of wellness itself is a taxing journey that can appear daunting to the untrained eye. There is an overwhelming amount of information available online and thousands of products on the shelves that claim to know the exact roadmap required for your body specifically, yet many of them fall short on accessibility and inclusion. Nutriv empowers the individual to elevate their everyday through simple steps that make a big impact, choosing to lead with transparency and honesty rather than deception or “fluff”. In this case, less is definitely more, and Nutriv’s commitment to accessibility allows greater wingspan to incorporate wellness into our daily lives. Generally, Nutriv recommends no more than four servings of their supplements per day, which works well for a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine. It’s clear that, from a cultural vantage point, we have become somewhat codependent on supplements and the power we give them, or, at least, the power we think they have. This can often lead to unnecessary splurging on placebos that do very little for our bodies and our minds in the long-haul, let alone take the place of actual wellness. In this vein, Nutriv doesn’t aim to replace wellness regimens or fitness plans, but rather enhance our experiences every day by supporting those goals through simplified, completely necessary nutrition. 

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