June 13, 2024
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Key Investment Group Clean Power Industries, LLC Acquires Clean Tech Startup Simple Solar

Simple Solar
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Clean tech startup Simple Solar has been acquired by a key investment group, Clean Power Industries, LLC. Simple Solar, an energy company best known for making the solar installation process very obtainable, founded by Chief Revenue Officer Moe Falah, is ranked as the 44th fastest-growing private nation by Inc. Magazine and is the first in what is expected to be an overwhelming series of Clean Power Industries acquisitions. 

Clean Power Industries, under the leadership of Jesse Gee and Simple Solar’s new Chief Executive Officer, Ted O’Shea, is currently working on fortifying the newly acquired company by implementing a tested and proven strategy to obtain and align other solar dealers with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) partners into a single and formidable platform. This strategy will not only greatly benefit owners of solar companies but will also ultimately bring good news to consumers. 

“The Sales Dealer and EPC model that has become prevalent in residential solar has a number of inherent problems for both businesses and, most importantly, the customer,” Gee shared. “Our strategy aims to solve these problems and ultimately drive a superior customer experience and lower overall costs.” 

With Clean Power Industries on board, Simple Solar is on a mission to provide a concrete solution to several inefficiencies that residential solar sales professionals, dealers, installers, and customers experience throughout the solar installation process. By getting rid of these common setbacks, the company hopes to elevate the quality of services it brings to consumers and add value to the overall industry. The company’s objective is also designed to boost the confidence of consumers in solar energy in general. 

“This is the first step in a larger plan to unite sales organizations with a customer-focused installation operation across major solar markets in the United States to form a world-class, holistic home energy solution company,” explained O’Shea. 

This strategic initiative will allow Simple Solar to transform into a vertically-integrated company from a sales-only business organization. It will aggressively focus on giving its clients a formidable and efficient experience driven by technology and a data-centric approach. Furthermore, it intends to revolutionize the overall clean energy journey of families, from the sale stage to installation, permission to operate, and beyond. 

Another noteworthy initiative that consumers can look forward to is the elimination of false information and hidden fees, as Simple Solar endeavors to get rid of additional costs that are normally charged to end-users. Instead, Simple Solar will own the entirety of the process and uphold transparency from start to finish. By doing this, it will gain the unshakeable trust and loyalty of consumers.

The acquisition will also see some strategic movement among executives in the company, especially among O’Shea and Falah. Clean tech industry veteran O’Shea took the challenge of rising up as CEO, bringing with him years and years of unmatched work experience in clean tech energy services. With him at the helm, the company was able to successfully deliver solar, storage, and energy efficiency solutions to multiple clients. 

Falah, on the other hand, is the new CRO, which will allow him to recruit and train the highest caliber of salespeople, bringing in the right partners to grow the organization, inspire vision, and create new opportunities. 

“Creating an incredible customer experience has been the major focus of Simple Solar since its origination. In many instances, we’ve found that EPCs don’t have the same level of care that we do, ultimately hurting all parties involved,” Falah said. “By taking control of the entire process, we can add the Simple Solar standard of excellence to every single project. This creates longevity not only for the company but for the careers of all Simple Solar employees.” 

To say that the acquisition is promising is an understatement, as, together, both companies embark on an ambitious yet much-needed adventure to revolutionize the industry. 


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