May 24, 2024
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Los Angeles Toasts to the Arrival of HAIKEN, a New Japanese Handcrafted Vodka from ICONIC Spirits

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Sourced Photo

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HAIKEN Japanese Handcrafted Vodka, the newest arrival from ICONIC Spirits, a division of The Brand House Group and leading producer of super-premium Japanese artisanal spirits, makes its highly-anticipated Los Angeles debut.  

Following ICONIC’s recent debut of AWAYUKI Japanese Strawberry Gin and TEITESSA single-grain Japanese whisky, HAIKEN Original along with its two fruit-infused expressions, Yuzu and Lychee, are inspired by the overwhelming embrace of Japanese culture across the United States. This elegant, handcrafted vodka embraces the legacy and roots of its origin in each bottle with two constants remaining uncompromised in HAIKEN’s production – the pristine waters flowing from Mt. Katsuragi and the carefully nurtured rice from Japan’s Hyogo prefecture. HAIKEN appeals to traditional and curious drinkers alike through its captivating flavor profiles, mixability, drinkability and refined production process using time-honored traditions.

As Americans continue to embrace and crave Japanese flavors and products, from sushi and yakitori to ramen, coupled with a booming demand for Japanese whisky, sake and other spirits, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce the US to HAIKEN Japanese Handcrafted Vodka,” said Julious Grant, the Founder/Chairman of both ICONIC Spirits and its parent company, The Brand House Group. “Like with our previously-launched Japanese portfolio offerings, HAIKEN Original and its two fruit-infused expressions, Yuzu and Lychee, are meticulously crafted to deliver US consumers a taste of Japan that merges modern sophistication with age-old traditions and ingredients. We expect the brand to be a huge success among US spirits enthusiasts.”

HAIKEN Original boasts an opulent taste, characterized by a natural sweetness and complex flavor that ends with a smooth, lingering finish. Taking inspiration from Japan’s beloved yuzu fruit, HAIKEN Yuzu is more floral than an orange and nearly as tart as a lime. The yuzu’s distinct aroma and flavor make it an essential essence in Japanese cuisine and promises to add zest to classics like highballs and Tom Collins. HAIKEN Lychee offers a tantalizing flavor reminiscent of strawberries and pears, with hints of citrus and floral undertones. With the popularity of lychee-based cocktails in the US, this expression is poised to be a favorite.

HAIKEN Handcrafted Japanese Vodka is currently available at Total Wine & More locations as well as select independent wine & spirits retailers in Los Angeles and online through Drizly. To learn more or purchase directly, visit www.HAIKENvodka.com.  

The Brand House Group was founded in 2019 by wine and spirits industry veteran Julious Grant, who for the past 30 years has held senior leadership roles in sales and marketing at some of the world’s most successful wine and spirits companies, The Brand House Group, through Grant’s leadership as Chairman, creates and markets innovative spirits brands across a variety of categories. The Brand House Group’s current portfolio includes the recently-debuted O’RTE Single-Estate Tequila, produced with 100% blue agave harvested from a new estate each year; and OMAGE, a California artisanal brandy crafted in the style of a French cognac. 

The Brand House Group is parent to ICONIC Spirits, a line of high-quality Japanese spirits which currently includes: TEITESSA, a super-premium Japanese single-grain whisky; AWAYUKI Japanese Strawberry Gin, infused with rare pink and white strawberries grown in Japan’s Nara Prefecture; Shunka Shuto, a variety of super-premium blended Japanese whiskies evoking the four seasons; and Bikoku, a pure malt made from the underground waters of Mount Fuji.  

Prior to launching The Brand House Group Grant served as Chief Commercial Officer, US Beam Suntory; President/CEO of Bacardi/Brown-Forman House for the UK and Ireland; Senior Vice President/National Sales Director of Bacardi U.S.A; Vice President at Moët Hennessy USA; and Marketing Director at both Schieffelin & Somerset and Diageo North America before starting his career at Seagram.

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