May 28, 2024
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LoveThrive™, the Magazine-Community and Social Platform Driven to Make a Difference

When people think of social media, entertainment and connection are most likely the concepts that would come to mind, which is not surprising since some of the social media giants today started out as platforms designed to provide content and bridge the gap between individuals. However, over the years, social media has transformed in ways that made it clear that online-based interaction-driven sites have so much more to offer. LoveThrive™ is one such platform demonstrating that the power of social media can be harnessed to make a difference and create a lasting impact.

Founded by Yume Herod, LoveThrive™ operates under the overarching goal of shaping the future of SaaS, doing so by emerging as a niche space for creatives, thought leaders, and a wide range of purpose-driven people from all walks of life. At its core is the desire to cultivate an online place that allows for connection and inspiration. 

With this holistic approach in mind, the online space’s direction is user-generated content where LoveThrive™ creators can cover lifestyle topics such as eco-fashion, pop culture, design, health and wellness, advocacy, sustainability, and human interest stories. Additionally, it will allow people the ability and opportunity to offer professional services, a feature that’s uncharted territory among social media sites.

The Los Angeles-based creative tech company behind LoveThrive™ is currently going all-out in maximizing the potential of the platform. At its helm is a small distributed team located remotely in various countries. Divided they may be physically, but the passion-fueled go-getters spearheading the efforts of the brand are united by the shared vision of putting on the map a digitally hosted community that promotes social good. 

“It’s a niche magazine-community that uses social good as a foundation,” explained Yume Herod. “At LoveThrive™, it is less about competing, scrolling through irrelevant content and keeping up with algorithms that only lead to content creator fatigue.”

Given how competitive the industry is, entering the digital space was nowhere near easy, most especially for the creator of LoveThrive™. For one, Yume Herod had to get creative about how she raised the funds needed to start translating into reality the dream she had. At times, her small team of seven had to stretch itself thin to cover enough ground. Despite the odds, they have managed to build a platform that’s more than ready to change the game on its beta launch this 2023.

Amid the domination of social media giants, LoveThrive™ is hoping to carve a unique position in the limelight by zeroing in on how platforms can be strategically utilized for the greater good. 

“Most social media platforms to date are so heavily weighted on pushing humans to compete with overrun algorithms. They’re mainly one-size-fits-all in their approach,” said the team behind LoveThrive™. “LoveThrive as a magazine-community platform seeks to create awareness on how to better our world through normalizing thoughtful, purposeful content.”

LoveThrive™ has not yet officially made its grand entrance, but it is already creating a buzz for its cause-oriented nature. In 2023, the social impact niche platform is bound to impress. 

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