July 17, 2024
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Macntaj Releases New Single “Blue in the Face” Featuring K. Shiday

Rising music artist Macntaj is living his greatest dream of building a solid career in the hip-hop industry with the release of his new single “Blue in the Face” through World Star Hip-Hop. In the same week, not only did he launch his exciting new song, he also released his debut album called Big Bloc Meign. If anything, the promising rapper made an explosive launch of his personal brand enough to attract a remarkable number of music fans on all streaming platforms. 

Big Bloc Meign is undeniably a success, some of the standouts among the tracks in the album are the songs “Blue In The Face,” and “Look Up”. Macntaj has come a long way from his troubled past as a young boy who was neglected by his single mom and physically battered by his own brother. His sibling, who was a frustrated boxer, turned his personal disappointments on the young Macntaj, who had no means of defending himself. To say that he endured a life of pain is an understatement as he suffered from neglect, extreme torment, and the worst kind of trauma possible to any young kid. Despite his horrifying childhood, he found a way to use his brokenness to fuel his desire to pursue a better life in the future. Instead of allowing himself to sink deeper into his hurtful situation, he fought to survive and look forward to the day that he can become somebody great. 

As he matured, Macntaj worked hard to make something of himself. He dropped out of high school but worked hard to get his GED so he can land his first employment as a cashier at Walmart. It was during his time at Walmart that he encountered his future mentor, who encouraged him to work in finance after seeing his God-given brilliance and intellect. When he was up for promotion to start trading stocks, a lot of people were pessimistic that he would make it. Much to their surprise, he passed one exam after another to become a securities broker. The keys to this achievement were his determination to prove people wrong, hard work, and his resolve not to give up too easily. 

During his time in the finance industry, Macntaj gathered a lot of helpful insights that prepared him for the eventual launching of his music career. He learned that exposure to the right people and the application of his brilliance would play a pivotal role in his future plans. It was easy to see that he only needed to surround himself with positive people to help him stay motivated in order to make it to the next level. He combined these corporate realizations with survival techniques he learned in the streets, and it brought him to where he is today, a promising rapper with so much potential to create an extraordinary brand. 

The Seattle-based rapper is able to successfully use his music to reflect the many life-changing seasons of his life. In doing this, he desires for nothing more than to inspire others to keep on working hard in order to beat adversities. As he dedicates himself to creating remarkable songs that people can relate to, there is no doubt that the music industry will be seeing more of Macntaj in the coming years. Find out more about Macntaj by visiting his website. Follow him on Spotify and Instagram for updates on his latest projects.

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