July 21, 2024
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Marguerite Martin on an Unconventional Journey of Self-discovery

The end, they say, justifies the means. For Marguerite T. Martin, she has looked inward and around her to figure out ways to develop and make something of herself. With about four different degrees and a couple more in view, Marguerite Martin has spent most of her life being judged, misunderstood for her life choices. In the early 2000s, she worked as a video vixen for different Hip-hop artists in their music videos, but she sought fulfillment. The video vixen job didn’t bring her the kind of fulfillment she sought; so, she thought going to school and getting a 9 to 5 corporate job would change things for her. She did proceed to school, and three degrees later, Marguerite Martin is still on the seemingly endless journey of carving an identity for herself.

From Haitian origins but raised in Miami, Florida, Marguerite is committed to bringing her dreams to life and taking it one step at a time towards making them happen. She earned her first college degree in 2012 from the Miami Dade College, where she earned an Associate degree in Accounting. In 2013, she got a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Ashford University’s Forbes Business School, and in 2015 she got a Master’s degree in Finance from the same institution. She returned to Ashford University’s Forbes Business School to obtain another Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and has been working hard to put things together ever since.

Like every college student after getting their college degree, it was always a question of what to do next, and it wasn’t any different for Marguerite Martin. She has admitted that all the degrees she acquired have helped her personal life immensely, but she wants more out of life. After a stint in the corporate environment, Marguerite noticed a disconnect between employees and the human resources department. “The human resources management department ought to be a safe place for employees so they can be more productive, but I noticed it wasn’t the case,” Marguerite says. To solve that problem, she set out to develop a software product that corporate organizations could implement, but she didn’t make any headway because she lacked a tech background.

Because she lacked experience in accounting and human resources, getting a job in either of the two fields became difficult for Marguerite, and she got tired of being unproductive. With her experience as a video vixen and performing in front of cameras, Marguerite signed up to become a cam girl and stripper. Her religious background frowned at her new choice of profession and her father, the head pastor of the South Miami Heights Haitian Baptist Mission Emmanuel, was not pleased either. However, Marguerite explained her reasons to her parents, and today, she still works as a cam girl.

The unique thing about Marguerite Martin is that there is more to her than being a stripper or a cam girl. She is an educated Black woman who wants more out of life and will take any opportunity that comes her way. Despite the many obstacles she has overcome, she remains inspired and motivated to make the most of her life and environment. Presently, she is living out her life cycle and flowing with the tide. But If there is anything she wants to accomplish, she can achieve that by keeping a leveled head and remaining focus on her life goals. “I am always thinking of ways to make people happy and comfortable,” Marguerite explains. And right now, she’s in the process of branding herself so she can get access to the resources to execute those ideas and goals.

Learn more about Marguerite Martin on her official website.

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