July 20, 2024
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Mark Conner CPA, PLLC: Exceptional Service at an Affordable Price

A simple definition of accounting refers to recording, organizing, and understanding a business’s financial situation. While it may sound simple, many find the actual process confusing and time-consuming, eating up precious time, which could have been spent on other things such as looking at the business’ bigger picture or going home to rest with the family. This situation is where hiring accountants come in handy—accountants like Mark Conner, who infinitely lightens the burden of organizing finances.

Mark Conner is a certified public accountant with 13 years of experience under his belt. He graduated in 2002 with a bachelor of arts degree in economics, and in 2005 with a master’s degree in business administration from the Rockhurst University in Missouri. The beginning of his accounting career began with the forensic accounting department of Clifton Gunderson, which later became one of the top ten largest firms in the United States. 

After obtaining his CPA, he decided to move to Texas and focus more on traditional accounting, which led to the birth of Mark Conner, CPA PLLC, in late 2012, an accounting firm with the vision of exceptional service at an affordable price. 

It is not uncommon to hear that an accountant is difficult to reach and charges a large amount when the client does get in contact with them. When such situations frequently occur, it can convey a sense of disinterest in the client’s affairs. “I believe that approach is not conducive to lasting business relationships,” Mark says, “and I would much rather spend a few minutes on the phone to engage and understand the issues.”

Mark Conner primarily practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but caters to clients long-distance from any location. The firm caters mostly to small business owners, but the client range can be anywhere from $100K to $10M per year in revenue. In dedication to bringing maximum benefit to the client, he builds strong, lasting partnerships with many of his clients.

Accuracy, accessibility, and affordability are the firm’s three core tenets. Quality products and services are the cornerstones of any successful enterprise, and Mark Conner takes great pride in his meticulousness with the services his firm provides. Prompt communication is also held in high regard: call-backs, updates, and follow-ups. Lastly, the firm’s fixed-fee monthly services are affordable and cost-effective, thanks to the efficient use of available technology.

When businesses hire highly competent accountants like Mark Conner to handle administrative functions such as accounting, tax, and payroll, the owners can maximize their time to grow their businesses with less restriction. With Mark’s dedication to excellence, he uses his skills for the benefit of his clients, helping them not only succeed but preserve the fruits of their labor.

Accounting functions are a complicated job that takes too much time, especially for the inexperienced. An accountant can accurately and efficiently complete tasks at significantly less time than those who DIY their finances.

Mark Conner stands out because of his full involvement in the client’s business accounting needs and commitment to ensure that the client succeeds with his help. Learn more about Mark Conner, CPA PLLC, and the firm’s various accounting services by visiting this website.

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