February 26, 2024
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Marketing and Sales Expert Sophy Su Assumes Executive Manager Role at Solar101.US

There are more important tasks in high-level business operations than just emails, presentations, and endless meetings. Solar101.US believes in efficient and effective communications, and that’s why Sophy Su is the perfect person to assume an Executive Manager role for this industry changing campaign.

Sophy started her career in sales during her internship at Endymion Consulting in her sophomore year. Shortly after graduating, Sophy quickly advanced into a leadership role after smashing regional sales records, becoming the top sales record holder in the entire office. She learned and perfected an unique style of approach that sets her apart from the rest of the team. Sophy was promoted extensively throughout her time with Endymion Consulting, from a part-time intern to a managerial role. Not only did her Manager role include normal day-to-day operations, it also involved working with several other companies and overcoming their intense internal red tapes and corporate bureaucracy. This kind of track record has awarded Sophy with valuable experience in sales, marketing, and team management. Thus, when Endymion Consulting launched Solar101, Sophy was a perfect match for the campaign.

Solar101.US has transformed how solar power is sold and has made solar power easily accessible. It offers the best panels in the industry for homeowners to select from and allow options for customers to add clean energy to their homes while providing an extensive amount of options for doing so. It has created options for homeowners to own solar power systems at an affordable cost while giving them high-quality products that were designed and made to function together harmoniously as one. Using an unique and direct approach to communications, the platform has grown exponentially since its launch in 2020. 

Due to her track records, Sophy now oversees multiple departments, including sales, installation, social media, and news outlets. Sophy is a hands-on leader and Solar101.US has enjoyed the impact of her pragmatic approach as an executive manager. Sophy has led the implementation of all of the brand’s marketing strategies across vastly different markets. Not only is she well-versed in closing and training, she also serves as an inspirational mentor for people across different departments.

Over the next few years, Sophy hopes to build more teams across the nation and provide more opportunity for talented individuals to succeed. Her journey as a business executive is proof that an immigrant can make waves in the business world. Her ultimate goal is to continue inspiring new generations to grow in professional environments just like she did.

“I have put in so much work over the years, and I hope to inspire young people, especially immigrant women, to know that they too can have a chance,” Sophy explained, “I hope to be a trailblazer and create opportunities for people who don’t feel like they fit the status quo.”

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