June 12, 2024
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Meet Mo Kumarsi of REV3AL, the Solution to Web3 Security & Protection

Mo Kumarsi
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Mo Kumarsi is co-founder and CEO of REV3AL. He has been an advisor to several disruptive technological innovators in the blockchain and crypto space. The companies he has worked with include Power Ledger, CoinPayments, ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs. In the last ten years, he has managed and led teams globally, becoming a leader and educator. With this and more than 15 years of startup and business development experience, Mo provides invaluable insight to enhance projects through strategic relationship building and inspiring communities. The culmination of this combined experience and background is in lockstep with REV3AL’s goal to build security and authentication solutions that are dynamic and multi-layered.

REV3AL is a company that deals with Web3 security and protection. Working with numerous partners, REV3AL is integrating with NFT marketplaces, multiple metaverses, and many amazing artists, and creators.. The company has nearly 100 partners and is focused on becoming the Norton 360 of Web3. Recently, the company acquired an e-sports racing team.

Through sales and crypto, he has helped numerous people change their lives through his church and programs. Mo is a highly spiritual person who leads a group of young brothers in his community through volunteer work. He has built large sales organizations and developed great leaders in the space. Over the years, he has created a lot of connections in the crypto industry and increased his knowledge of exchanges, market makers, hackers, marketing, and building a team.

Mo talks of how his clients praised him when he owned and ran a janitorial business. The business was an award-winning home cleaning, carpet cleaning, and janitorial company, and this recognition was a significant achievement for Mo, who built the company from the ground up.

In the Web3 space, he has advised several disruptive technological innovators, including CoinPayments and Power Ledger. Mo’s expertise has helped him scale-up companies, find strategic partners and more. He jokes about being dubbed the “blockchain evangelist” due to his involvement with the crypto industry since the early stages.

However, his journey, like many others, has had its share of challenges. One of the primary challenges he notes is being able to adapt to the needs of everybody. As he works with people worldwide, keeping organized meetings and schedules was challenging. At times this led him to neglect his health. Mo advises that no matter how busy you are, you should always keep your health in check.

Mo is focused on growing his coaching and public speaking as he’s highly passionate about this. He has spoken on stages worldwide in front of thousands and impacted many lives with his teachings and coaching. He notes that as his parents were not entrepreneurs, he didn’t grow up with an entrepreneurial mindset. However, he encourages everyone that the most significant thing in life is believing that anything is possible. All it takes is for you to pursue it until you achieve it.

Working in the challenging field of cryptocurrency, Mo Kumarsi has managed to etch his name at the top of the list. He attributes his achievements to his deep spirituality and hard work. His goal is to keep growing and helping improve lives throughout the world. He believes that REV3AL will soon be the name on everyone’s lips regarding Web3 security and protection.

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