May 24, 2024
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Metalearn Guarantees Jobs for Boot Camp Participants

According to a recent estimate by Grand View Research, Inc., the global Web 3.0 blockchain market size is anticipated to reach $33.53 billion by 2030. With a compound annual growth rate of 44.9% in the next seven years, there is no better time to get into the industry than now. But unfortunately, there is a problem with the scarcity of developers in the ecosystem.

Bihan Mahadewa saw the lack of developers after speaking at major Web 3.0 conferences. He learned there aren’t many programmers in the field and that those left get hired for over half a million dollars in wages despite having less experience—around two years or less. So he created a curriculum with his blockchain engineer friends who worked at well-known companies like Coinbase and Binance, using his knowledge in the education sector. As a result, Bihan founded MetaLearn and is currently the company’s CEO. Together with Riley Keohen, who is in charge of Growth and Partnerships, and COO Daniel Hutson, he assists engineers in becoming blockchain experts.

MetaLearn’s online and in-person workshops, bootcamps, and hackathons aim to provide a recruitment pipeline for its long-term partners, including some of the most active blockchain protocols — Avalanche, Polkadot, Ethereum and Polygon. The company’s training program is also chain-agnostic, teaching a wide range of programming languages applicable in crypto, including Solidity and Rust.

MetaLearn offers 4-week programs priced at $1,400. They guarantee a job offer within three months after finishing the course. If students don’t receive an offer by then, the money they paid for the service is fully refundable. However, most of the time, MetaLearn’s hiring partners pre-pay for the candidates, which enables them to keep their graduate hiring rate at 100%.

Being accepted into MetaLearn not only ensures developers high-paying job offers but also assists them in obtaining interviews to discover the best offers. Even after graduation, the organization supports participants by assisting them in transitioning jobs. They also provide new learning materials for 12 months after a cohort ends, which is a great help, especially in a rapidly updating industry.

However, getting into MetaLearn takes work. With a less than 8% intake rate, it is regarded as one of the most exclusive bootcamps focusing on high-quality outboard talent. From a pool of experienced software engineers/web developers with over three years of experience, each month, about 25 cohorts get into the program on average. The course finishes with a group project that students will present to potential employers. The project-based curriculum, alongside mentoring, practical projects, and group work, allows students to become skilled blockchain engineers who can succeed in any working setting. Moreover, this helps them build their portfolio, which is one of the ways MetaLearn’s 50+ hiring partners identify their potential and how much they would hold up in the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

MetaLearn hopes to introduce these courses for students and beginners in programming in the future. For now, the company focuses on expanding developers’ capabilities by introducing them to Web 3.0’s growing industry. Web developers are highly encouraged to look into MetaLearn’s boot camp to improve their skill sets and to get on board with Web 3.0 because it is the future.

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