June 15, 2024
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Michael Aalil Launches the Music Scenes as Ceoz Str8 Cash

People say pain is a recipe for a grand narrative. For song artist and drill rapper Ceoz Str8 Cash, his challenging upbringing brought forth stories that eventually found their way to music. Today, the artist aspires to use his journey and story to inspire music lovers around the world.

Ceoz Str8 Cash was born Michael Aalil in Morocco, where he lived until he was five years old. In 2002, he migrated with his parents to the United States. As an immigrant with little comprehension of the English Language, Ceoz was prone to trouble. He started skipping school at a young age, selling drugs and smoking weed, and spent time in and out of jail.

Throughout his adversities, Ceoz found comfort in music. There was something about music that calmed any violent act he was urged to commit, and it released a different side of him. Although his love for music was omnipresent, he never paid much attention to it until he realized its impact on uplifting his mood. In 2015, Ceoz Str8 Cash successfully nurtured his long-time hobby into a music career and launched into the music scene as a drill rapper, eventually transitioning into an all-song artist.

In 2017, a dark cloud cast over Ceoz when he got arrested for an attempted murder case and was sentenced to three years behind bars. Rather than lament his woes, Ceoz dedicated his three-year prison sentence to writing music, polishing his sound and style in anticipation.

At the end of his sentence in 2020, Ceoz turned the situation in his favor and shared his three-year-long hard work and musical brilliance with the world when he released his first single titled Hold On Wait, which went viral across all digital platforms. It was closely followed by his next single titled Top Opp and many more. Asides from his singles, Ceoz Str8 Cash has two song collaborations with Omb Jaydee titled, What Happen, and This Party. He also has a song collaboration with Drizzy Juliano and is currently curating a mixtape.

Michael Aalil, a.k.a Ceoz Str8 Cash’s story, is an inspiration to everyone. The dedication he put into his music and his unending love for learning attract other artists for a collaboration. His unique sound and style earn him a loyal fanbase of music lovers.

As a young man 24 years old with a life experience that might derail anyone else, Ceoz’s passion for music pulled him through the rough times and led him down a path to success. In his words, he sums the importance of music to him and states, “Music is the only thing that keeps us out the street and jail.”

Ceoz Str8 Cash continues to strive towards a better life as he continues to draw his inspiration from music. He believes time waits for no one and believes his only competition to greatness is himself. He wants his story to inspire everyone that success is within reach if only you strive for it.

To learn more about Michael Aalil, famously known as Ceoz Str8 Cash, you may visit his YouTube channel.

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