May 17, 2024
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Michael White Helping Others Launch Successful Businesses

Entrepreneurship is quickly becoming the dream career of the century. As more people search for more time and financial freedom, various coaches and experts have popped out online to offer solutions and insights on business. One such entrepreneurship expert and investor is Michael White. 

Like Myko Millions, Michael is a serial entrepreneur who has grown in popularity and influence for setting up multiple corporations. He has mostly built a savvy approach to the transportation industry, owning two leading nationwide logistics businesses: Integrated Diverse Solutions and Bel Enterprise Inc. As the pandemic hit the world’s economies, the logistics and transportation industry continued to thrive. Michael took the chance to capitalize on the demand and scaled massively during surgical lockdowns.

Today, Michael has established his own keep quite well and now looks to expand his mission in life, looking to help other people follow in his footsteps and experience the same level of freedom and meaning. “My mission is very simple: to teach everyone that is dedicated toward becoming an entrepreneur how to do it in the simplest form available in the market,” expresses Michael White. “Whether that be starting your own business, starting a transportation business, or how to run your transportation business or how to stay compliant with your local state. Moreover, I want to help people succeed for years to come, until you’re just adding fuel to your corporate machine.”

Myko currently operates a fleet of trucks that provides carrier services to various companies, including global giants like Walmart, UPS, and FedEx, to name a few. At only twenty-nine years old, he has built over a decade’s worth of business success and skyrocketed as an expert in the field of delivery and transportation. He started at the age of twenty with three trucks and zero experience in the area. With nothing but a solid work ethic and perseverance, he scaled his business into the empire that it is today. 

Growing up, Michael White had the loving support of a caring mother, who never failed to speak positivity into his life and access various environments. The entrepreneur’s upbringing played an essential role in the development of his perspective and aspirations. Today, he carries those important lessons and applies them to his company and coaching.

Myko likes to refer to himself as a “multipreneur” and encourages established and upcoming entrepreneurs to look at the possibilities of running various businesses simultaneously. “Don’t be afraid to try new things and engage with every aspect of yourself,” encourages Michael White. “You want to be in small steps every day and as he would say it when you truly want something you don’t settle for less.” Myko Millions is also an author and a serial investor who regularly pools funds into the stock market and gold.Myko aims to help more people become entrepreneurs and design a life that they can be proud of while also scaling Integrated Diverse Solutions and Bel Enterprise Inc. to new heights. Michael White is also a proud father to four amazing children. To learn more about Mike and his businesses and coaching programs, visit his website and Instagram account.

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