June 22, 2024
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Miles Smith on Leading a Revolutionary Software Company that Provides Website and App Solutions

The digital world comes with a lot of improvements and tools that make life easier. Miles Smith is a Revolutionary with a vision to create digital products for clients who need them through MS Technologies LLC.

Miles Smith, a software engineer and entrepreneur, is the team lead at MS Technologies LLC, which creates custom applications and websites for clients or improves existing applications and websites. Since he established the company, he has worked with top global brands like Walmart, Uber, Florida Blue, and Wavy Detail Studio.

Miles picked up programming when he was 12, and shortly after, he began to post tutorial videos on YouTube to teach people how to write HTML/CSS. After that, he began to make some money from YouTube videos, with his first check being $100. “I remember my first check like yesterday. I still have it framed and hanging in my office to remind me of where I’m coming from,” he revealed. Between 14 and 16, Miles was selling junk items he picked from his neighbors’ homes on eBay, where he made 20% off the sales. He made thousands of dollars doing that, and his entrepreneurial side kicked in from there. “All of these helped me so much as an adult entrepreneur and instilled the belief that I can do anything I set my mind to,” he said.

After his high school education, his move to San Francisco got him into a Hack Reactor, a programming boot camp with a 3% acceptance rating. He spent the required 12 weeks (100+ hours) learning all he could learn about software engineering. He then moved to Florida to take a software engineering job at the age of 19 at Florida Blue, where he led a development team for about a year. Next, he moved to Walmart, where he helped the company create numerous React components for its website to convert customers and reduced the load time by a large percentage. A year later, he moved to Uber, and shortly after, he returned to Florida Blue, where he led about 15 people as the lead engineer.

In the summer of 2020, he spent months at Clubhouse BH in Beverly Hills, where he met many entrepreneurs, celebrities and influencers and connected with them. He leveraged those connections when he established MS Technologies, and so far, they have come in handy and beneficial. The other ventures he’s working on are Wavy Detail Studio, Magiclytics, and Collective BH LLC.

Outside his business and entrepreneurial ventures, Miles Smith has a penchant for luxury items ranging from luxury cars to supercars and watches, which have connected him to high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs.

“I used these vehicles as motivation to continue working, put my head down, and look for more opportunities to expand my earning potential. I have a vision board, and I put down goals that I want to achieve on that board. At one point in time, all of my vehicles were on that board. My vision board primarily consists of vehicles, homes, watches, travel spots, and personal/life goals like eating healthy, working out, and overall being a good person. Recently I picked up a new hobby, watch collecting. I love the craftsmanship that goes into watchmaking, the history behind each brand, and the individual watches they create. I hope to grow my collection in the coming years with new brands and model,” he said.

As he continues to grow his business, Miles Smith’s ultimate goal is to s,” he said.

His goal for MS Technology is to grow the company into a successful venture worth millions of dollars and get another company to acquire all or part of it.

Learn more about Miles Smith and his work at MS Technology LLC on the official website.

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