May 20, 2024
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Misael Guerrero on Introducing Authentic Mexican Cuisine to the International Palate

Every person has a dream. Whether for their family, country, work, or themselves, everyone has something they want to do and hope to achieve. For Misael Guerrero, it was to open his very own restaurant. 

Born and raised in Mexico, renowned industry leader and innovator Misael grew up with home-cooked, amply spiced meals. For him, food was both comfort and joy and, in his search for the industry to succeed in, the answer to his prayers. It was then that he discovered his true passion, “La Cocina.” 

He would build a restaurant flocked by hundreds and with branches in numerous countries worldwide. Misael Guerrero would share the taste of authentic Mexican cooking with everyone, but first, he had to book a flight. 

“I remember my arrival in the United States in July 2007, specifically in the state of California,” he recalled. “In those times, like many who came to this country in search of better opportunities, I had to start from scratch.”

With his dream in sight, Misael began to explore multiple income streams, working different jobs and developing varying skills in each one. Using his earnings, he started making tamales and selling them from door to door and outside of established businesses. However, subsequently enacted city laws threatened this profit source, and the then-emerging entrepreneur knew he had to channel his drive elsewhere.

He decided to take the incident as an opportunity for growth. So in 2010, Misael Guerrero made his entrepreneurial debut by selling sushi and seafood from the garage of his house in Fontana. By then, his culinary prowess already won over an extensive clientele who kept coming back for the mouthwatering flavor of his signature Sinaloa dishes. 

After a year, the restaurant tycoon could barely close his garage door with the number of people coming in. So he invested in a small establishment in Rialto City and moved his base to the location. The Sinaloa-style food and sushi fed growing demand and, little by little, introduced the flavors that colored Misael’s childhood to the Rialto community.

The locals’ unwavering patronage emboldened Misael to open Culichitown, named after the Culichi people who supported him from the beginning and inspired him to realize his culinary dreams. 

As Culichitown transformed the Rialto location into a city hotspot, drawing attention from all over Southern California, Misael realized the need to expand his service areas. At present, Misael Guerrero is the owner of a whopping 15 different locations nationwide. 

His efforts have not only furthered appreciation for Mexican gourmet but have also generated direct jobs for over a thousand people, helping them put food on their table amid this troubling time, and Misael seems nowhere near done. 

He recently opened Mama Por Dios in Rancho Cucamonga, California, La Condesa in Santa Monica City last April 2021, another Mama Por Dios at Beverly Hills just this June, and will be cutting the ribbon for a third Mama Por Dios branch in Arizona. 

As they boost employment rates in their assigned areas and provide a delicious space for individuals to enrich themselves in authentic Mexican culture, Misael Guerrero is preparing for international expansion. While managing his business’ exponential growth and creating a legacy centered on his country’s sought-after menu, Misael hopes to leverage his success story to inspire his fellow dreamers.

For aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs, he said, “If I was able to make it this far, they can too. Hard work passes off—I wash dishes and serve tables if necessary to this date. Invest in your own business. Everything is possible.”

Learn more about Misael Guerrero and how he tasted success by visiting his official website.

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