July 17, 2024
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Mondoe2xx on Loss, Wins and Building a Successful Music Career and an Empire to Inspire the World

Pain can be the major push a person needs to pursue their passions that they never gave enough chance to flourish. It can open the floodgates of multiple abilities and enable a struggling person to build strength and become more well-grounded. Mondoe2xx’s journey has the pain factor, which he has channeled into all his multiple ventures, and now he has more important things to live for and push him to do more with his abilities.

Born Armani Smith in Washington DC, Mondoe2xx fell in love with music when he was 18, but he never saw himself taking it up seriously as a career. However, he got into the entertainment industry with his production company Birdz Eye View Productions, which he launched in 2020 and was shooting music videos for artists. He went to The New York Film Academy to expand his skills in producing and filmmaking to pivot into filmmaking full-time. When he lost his best friend Isaac Lattimore to gun violence in 2021, he decided to give music a chance as a form of escape and release from all the sadness and pain he has experienced over the years. He released his first solo single in October 2021 titled “Why” and his second single “Diamond in The Rough” on January 18th of this year. 

Mondoe2xx’s music borders on life and its reality. He uses his personal experience with loss to uplift and inspire people. “All of my music is raw and real. It gives hope to people who have dealt with a lot of pain, and it gives hope to those that feel as if it’s impossible to make it out of their current situations,” he said. “I lost my brother when I was 14 to a car accident, lost my mom in 2019, and two years later, my best friend died from gun violence. I have dealt with so much, but we have to keep pushing, and music is my way of ensuring that,” he shared.

Outside music, Mondoe2xx runs a clothing brand named Activated  Clothing Brand. He also hosts a podcast show, The Smokers Lab, with his long-time friend EMOEDAGREAT. He has also honed his skills as a screenwriter and will be putting his skills to the test with the slated release of his first short film series Ace, under his production company. In addition, with his knowledge of music engineering and the music business, he has been recording and producing his music for the last two years.

Mondoe2xx’s goal is to connect with people who have been through challenging situations in life and are looking for something to keep them going. He wants to make people feel better about themselves and have new reasons to pursue their dreams relentlessly. Also, as someone who believes in ownership, Mondoe2xx spent all his life preparing for a life where he does not have to answer to anybody or rely on anyone to make a living. He has taken numerous leaps of faith and now just wants to reap the fruit by becoming successful.

Over the next few years, Mondoe2xx sees himself breaking into Hollywood as a filmmaker and musician. He sees his businesses growing into a multi-million dollar empire while he becomes well-recognized in the music and film industry as a whole. Part of those plans includes giving other upcoming artists a chance by offering them record deals and edging them closer to their dreams.

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