May 30, 2024
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Multi-genre Music Artist and Podcast Host Suga Berlyn Ushers in Summer With Latest Single “No One”

Given the right amount of passion, dedication, and perseverance, almost anyone can carve a niche for themselves and build a path toward success. After all, victories are better achieved when one ultimately sets their eyes on the prize. No one understands this better than Suga Berlyn, the multi-faceted music artist, entrepreneur, and podcast host who continues to stay at the top of her chosen career with the help of her success-enabling disposition and overflowing creativity. 

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Suga Berlyn is a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, and rising multi-genre music artist renowned for her remarkable versatility and ability to navigate different music genres successfully.

When Suga Berlyn sings, everything changes. You find yourself unconsciously moving to the beats, her sensual vocals and euphonic songs transporting you on a magical journey of tunes and lyrics and awakening the dancer in you. Her latest single, “No One,” accurately represents her discography. The track is fun and catchy and an excellent summer anthem to hype people up in preparation for the days of sun and fun. Listeners can listen to the song on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and Deezer.

Whether navigating the fast-paced hip hop genre, the slow and sensual R&B, or pop, Suga Berlyn has an admirable command of her craft and voice. Her unique style captivates fans who remain eager for what else to expect from her. In addition to her musical prowess, the songstress hosts a popular new podcast called “Beauty with Shade” alongside co-hosts Tichy & Aurelia Sky. On the podcast, Suga Beryln and her co-hosts are full of positive vibes as they discuss hot topics encompassing business tips, beauty, health, and other related topics. 

While Suga Berlyn is best known for her rising music career and her popular podcast, that is not all there is to her. The multi-faceted woman is also a passionate serial entrepreneur with multiple ventures, including a thriving enterprise in the real estate industry.  When asked to share the secret behind her brilliant work ethic, the inspiring individual said, “I am a businesswoman who can run multiple businesses. My music business, podcast show, and real estate business separate me from the competition. I remain humble and display confidence that motivates my listeners and viewers.” She continued, “building my brand has always been the main goal. I am motivated by my family and my eagerness for success and growth.”

Ever the dedicated musician and entrepreneur, the songstress has outlined a bold roadmap for her career. As she excitedly declares, “My songwriting will reach the stars within the next five years! I will continue building and releasing more singles to grow my fanbase.” In the meantime, fans can continue streaming and listening to her latest song, “No One.”

In addition, she aims to scale Beauty with Shade to success, optimizing its content for a dedicated audience and bringing it to the forefront of the podcast scene. Specifically, she intends to get a T.V sponsorship and keep the show going by consistently releasing new episodes full of vibes for fans and listeners worldwide.

Suga Berlyn is one fast-rising artist and podcast host to watch out for as she breaks through the mainstream to become a household name with her overflowing creativity, impeccable work ethic, and passion for her craft. 

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