July 21, 2024
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Easy Button Capital Names Nader Al-Etaywi Vice President

December 26, 2022

Easy Button Capital CEO & Fund Manager Joshua Gayman has announced the appointment of Nader Al-Etaywi as vice president of single family holdings, effective earlier this month. As a key member of Easy Button’s leadership team, Al-Etaywi will oversee marketing and management efforts and shape communications strategies that will expand the company’s management portfolio.

“I am delighted to welcome (Nader)Al-Etaywi to the company,” Gayman said. “His deep credentials and impressive accomplishments reflect his abilities as an innovative and impactful leader. I am excited by the leadership he will bring to Easy Button in ways that connect and inspire a wide range of talent and to capture value for tenants and investors.”

Al-Etaywi will look to manage the existing holdings in the portfolio while looking for ways to expand the balance sheet and scale operations.

“There are many investors and funds in the market needing proptech solutions to property management problems. Nader brings a background in finance and technology to help us deliver new solutions to the marketplace. We pride ourselves on being an innovative leader, and Nader will look to capitalize on opportunities where the marketplace and our internal solutions meet.”(Gayman)

Al-Etaywi most recently served as a quantitative analyst for Mercurian, where he researched high frequency marketing trading. He also served as a community teaching assistant for the Master of Finance department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Al-Etaywi earned his bachelor’s degree in financial technology and risk management from Applied Science University and his micro Master of Finance from MIT.

Al-Etaywi and Gayman met at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in a Finance department class. Al-Etaywi was a teaching assistant in a Financial Accounting class that Gayman was enrolled in where they met personally during teaching hours.

“Al-Etaywi also has financial modeling skills and risk management experience that will help us continue to develop our existing investment model to bring the highest possible returns with the lowest possible risk to our investors. We are also in a fascinating time at the beginning of web 3.0 and we believe that technology will soon revolutionize the property industry. Nader has the knowledge to help us apply these cutting edge technologies and crypto currencies into value for investors with real estate as the vehicle.”(Gayman)

Al-Etaywi’s appointment follows an international search supported by marketing, communications, and public affairs leadership. Al-Etaywi will succeed the founding Fund Manager, Joshua Gayman, in his new role.

The office will be in Jordan, where Al-Etaywi currently resides, with plans to grow the department with new hires on site. 

“The most exciting part of all of this is that (Nader) is someone who will help us form new ventures and capitalize on value opportunities in the coming future. 

Being a “Sloanie”(term used for MIT Students/Alumni), Nader brings the entrepreneurialism Easy Button thrives on,” Gayman said.

Easy Button Capital, INC is a Prop-Tech Startup Based out of Scottsdale, AZ. “Easy Button” focuses on combining high-equity residential assets with high-yield assets in all 50 states. Their R&D includes innovative technologies such as proprietary AI, Blockchain, and IOT (internet of things) applications for residential real estate.


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