July 18, 2024
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NantHealth Creating Health Management Solution

Source: NantHealth

NantHealth is a subsidiary of NantWorks, under Patrick Soon-Shiong. The firm is committed to developing and marketing a range of healthcare solutions, with its headquarters located in Culver City, California. In addition to Soon-Shiong, notable investors include Allscripts, BlackBerry, Kuwait Investment Authority, Celgene, and Verizon. In a September 2014 publication of Forbes Magazine, NantHealth was featured as the cover story, and it was estimated that NantHealth has a market value of $1.6 billion. In December of the same year, NantHealth was featured on “60 Minutes” by Sanjay Gupta, and in August 2016, the company signed a distribution deal for GPS Cancer with Asia Genomics. 

However, despite the strong start, NanHealth received a delisting warning from Nasdaq in January 2019 because the Company’s common stock failed to maintain a minimum closing bid price of $1.00 for 30 consecutive business days. At the time, the market value of the company was approximately $57 million. As part of the company’s efforts to provide value for its teeming users and customers, the company developed a new population health management product that pulls together disparate data to provide a full 360-degree picture of the patient while enabling better workflow between providers, payers, hospitals/healthcare networks, and patients in one platform. This new product cuts avoidable costs and increases provider and patient satisfaction.

According to a statement by a representative of the company, “Value-based care holds great opportunities in improving patient outcomes while mitigating unnecessary healthcare costs, yet there are still widespread challenges to its implementation.” NantHealth is a provider of enterprise solutions that helps businesses transform complex data into actionable insights and has added a population health management solution to meet critical needs of value-based care initiatives.

According to data from the American Hospital Association (AHA), 62% of payers and 43% of providers say they are participating in alternative payment models linked to quality. A population health management solution, like the one NantHealth is introducing, helps achieve that goal. The population health management solution places the long-term needs of individual patients first, requiring historical healthcare data and advanced analytics to help physicians identify trends, deliver better care, and manage outcomes.

NantHealth’s new population health management tools were created to help clients and their providers the opportunity to unlock meaningful data at the point of care to increase provider transparency, streamline engagement, and inform referrals. 

NantHealth’s population health management tools are available to all health plans, including customers of Eviti Connect, a world-class evidence-based treatment intelligence platform that supports better decision-making, and NaviNet Open, an industry-leading secure, multi-payer platform that elevates the payer-provider relationship from transactional to collaborative, enhancing communication and boosting operational efficiency.

NantHealth is committed to solving the problems that currently plagues the health sector, particularly in relation to the payer and the provider relationship and access to data and technology.

Visit NantHealth’s website to learn more. 

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