June 15, 2024
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New Ideas to Try at the Gym to Change Up a Workout Routine

New Ideas to Try at the Gym to Change Up a Workout Routine
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Have you reached a plateau at the gym, feeling like the thrill, motivation, and challenge are drifting? That stagnation ends today in discovering that there is so much more in the gym world. Gyms offer a multitude of phenomenal classes that allow you to change up your workout routine.

Bungee Fitness

The bungee workout is one of the hottest fitness trends. It involves wearing custom-sized harnesses attached to ceiling-suspended bungee cords. Participants then take upward leaps and fly into midair. Bungee fitness classes offer a total-body workout for the core, arms, and legs. It combines low-impact cardio with strength training. Some of the moves demonstrated on a Live Kelly and Mark 2017 sitcom include frog jumps, superman pushups, and booty drops. Other bungee exercises include bouncing, burpees, lunges, and planks.

Trampoline Fitness

Trampolines are not just for kids, but adults too! Trampoline fitness interchanges plyometrics (short intervals of maximal force), as in jump training, with isometrics (static contraction) such as squat holds. You will be amazed at the multifunctional uses of trampolines in fitness. Fitness classes engage trampolines when performing dance cardio, yoga, and weightlifting to promote cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and strength.


Imagine riding a stationary bike in a candlelit room while listening to upbeat music. This describes many spin class studios nationwide. Spin class choreography involves shifting from various positions on a bike. For example, with “push up,” you press your chest up and down towards the handlebar while riding the bike in a standing position. Your hands gradually shift from the center of the handlebars, then to the sides, and finally to the back. Spinning classes effectively build your core.


Zumba is an aerobic dance that provides a full-body workout, alternating low intensity with high intensity. It enhances cardiovascular endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Zumba incorporates belly dance, Cha-cha, Samba, and hip-hop. Zumba step classes are available for anyone desiring to increase energy and burn fat. These aerobic classes involve the use of a step platform that engages the legs and glutes. Alternatively, Zumba toning classes are available to those desiring to improve strength by using weights.


Are you short on time but still want an effective workout? Well, the HIIT workout is perfect for you. An entire HIIT routine typically lasts 15 to 30 minutes. It alternates short intense bursts of activity, ranging from 30 seconds to three minutes, with slow recovery intervals. This workout strengthens muscles and the cardiovascular system, as it increases stamina. Best of all, your caloric burn is sustained two hours after a HIIT workout.


Many studios offer high-intensity kickboxing circuit training that is excellent for fat-burning. Participants warm up with exercises such as jumping jacks and kettlebell weightlifting. They then rotate between rapid punching on speed bags, knee, and shin kicks on horizontal bags, and combining boxing with burpees. Thus, kickboxing offers total body fitness, as it engages the arms, shoulders, legs, back, glutes, and core. Even more, kickboxing offers the mental health benefit of relieving stress.

With these innovative fitness classes, why settle with your ordinary workout routine? Make the most out of fitness by trying out one of the interesting classes above. The sky’s the limit when it comes to optimizing your fitness journey.


Published by: Khy Talara

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