June 13, 2024
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New Show “The Future” Set to Revolutionize TV on CNN Philippines

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Sourced Photo

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A new era in television is dawning with the upcoming premiere of “The Future,” a cutting-edge show that promises to unveil the innovations shaping our world. Hosted by the talented trio of Jared Dillinger, Kate Hancock, and Daniel Robbins, the show is all set for its grand debut on December 6, 2023, on CNN Philippines.

“The Future” stands out as a dynamic and insightful series that navigates the rapidly changing technological landscape and its wide-reaching impact on various industries. Each episode promises to immerse viewers in different sectors such as artificial intelligence, immersive events, gaming, and health, offering an all-encompassing view of what the future might hold.

An exciting aspect of the show is its lineup of interviews with a diverse group of experts, thought leaders, and pioneers, each sharing their unique perspectives on emerging trends and technological advancements. Adding to its appeal, the series includes exclusive on-site visits to innovative events and companies, highlighting the practical applications of groundbreaking research and technologies.

Kate Hancock, co-host, shares her insights: “In the rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead means not just anticipating change but actively shaping it. ‘The Future’ is more than a show; it’s a vital guide for entrepreneurs and professionals. We transform cutting-edge technologies into actionable strategies, empowering leaders to confidently navigate the complexities of tomorrow’s business world.”

Daniel Robbins emphasizes the show’s relevance: “With technology advancing rapidly, it’s challenging to stay updated. ‘The Future’ offers a platform where experts help people not only stay informed but also utilize these technologies to thrive in their businesses and professional lives.”

Jared Dillinger expresses his excitement about the venture: “I am thrilled to be part of this journey on CNN Philippines. ‘The Future’ is our way of offering viewers a glimpse into what lies ahead. We’re not just focusing on the next big thing; we’re delving into the patterns, innovations, and ideas that will shape our future. Join us in exploring the thrilling, uncharted territories of the digital era.”

“The Future” is more than just a television series; it’s a venture into the unexplored realms of innovation and discovery. It invites viewers to envision the endless possibilities, challenge conventional norms, and spark a curiosity about the future. The series aims to initiate conversations and fuel a passion for innovation and progress. 

Tune in for the premiere of “The Future” on December 6th, exclusively on CNN Philippines. With weekly episodes each focusing on a unique theme, the show is set to enlighten, educate, and captivate audiences.  With guests like Todd Schweitzer CEO of Brankas, Henry Aguda Named as President and CEO of UnionDigital Bank, Len Findlay CEO of Saltwater Games, Jason Brink President of Blockchain from Gala Games, Rosalind Lee CEO of Rola.ai, Eman Pulis CEO of SiGMA, Ed from PR at 9 Dynasty, Zach Hirsch Co-Founder of Mozverse, and Gary Vaynerchuck (Gary V) CEO of VaynerMedia and creator of VeeCon.

For further information about “The Future,” including episode guides and exclusive content, visit CNNPhilippines.com. Follow the hosts on social media at @officialkatehancock, @realdrobbins, and @Jdaredevil2 for more updates.

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