June 13, 2024
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Nobody Studios Is Changing the Venture Landscape with Crowdfunding, Global Positioning, and Talent Unlike Any Other

The traditional venture capital system might have worked over the past few years, but as technology and innovation progress, the glaring issues behind the archaic model have begun to surface steadily. These days, emerging venture studios are taking the startup industry by storm with the numbers to back them up. Drastically outperforming traditional VCs, venture studios have a 53% investment return rate compared to 21% for traditional VCs on average. 

When it comes to the speed of funding, venture studios are able to cut the time down in half, with the numbers boasting 25-month averages for zero to series A funding compared to the traditional 56-month averages for traditional VCs. Operating as a powerhouse in the venture studio space, Nobody Studios introduces an entirely different approach to this upward trend, harnessing crowdfunding capabilities to the already airtight venture studio business model. 

Nobody Studios is a premier venture studio that brings its proprietary Crowd Infused™ model to the startup industry. With a goal of creating 100 compelling companies in the span of five years, the company is on a constant grind to acquire the best talent, massive influence, and tremendous capital. 

As a young and emerging company, Nobody Studios has already attracted the world’s most talented investors ranging from former executives of Mohegan Sun, American Airlines, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Facebook to six bestselling authors and other successful entrepreneurs with over $9 billion in exits. 

Adding another trophy under its belt, Nobody Studios was hailed as one of the Top 10 Venture Studios for 2023, giving the company even more credibility and potential. The high-velocity company creation machine aims to bring everyone along for the success of its many companies, urging people from all walks of life to become early investors in the world’s next great company. 

Nobody Studios has opened its doors for anyone to pitch in at every stage of the company creation process. People from all walks of life can easily become a Nobody, helping the venture studio and its team identify innovative ideas and act as early adopters of its products. Nobody Studios is the first-ever company in the world that allows people to invest, no matter their credit score, income level, or family history. With as little as a $100 investment, investors may claim their stake in every company that Nobody creates.

These companies could range from the 14 startups Nobody Studios currently has in development. Any prospective crowdfunder could potentially own prime startups such as ThoughtForma, an intelligent no-code platform that empowers entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to market in minutes, Ovationz, a virtual event and talent marketplace led by Ray Leonard, Jr., which helps speakers get booked for virtual engagements for as little as 15 minutes, in moments, Webdelics, described as the “WebMD of Psychedelics,” this education site is guiding the world through the future of alternative plant-based medicines for mental health, addiction, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and Parentipity, a parent creator community with contributors being paid for the content they share—including tips and tricks on how to care for their children.

Nobody Studios Founder and CEO/Chief Nobody, Mark S. McNally, is adamant about bringing his vision to life with the help of a global team of investors. These investors could practically be anyone, and McNally is fully convinced that the next big idea won’t come from a seedy executive VC office but rather “from a 12-year-old girl in India playing Minecraft on her couch right now.” 

Overall, Nobody Studios is on an unbridled mission to democratize the world of venture studios by showing how profitable it is to source diverse ideas from every corner of the globe. With global inclusivity and diversity at the forefront, Nobody Studios has a global team of experts spanning geographies such as New York, London, Manila, and Tel Aviv. 

Nobody Studios is changing the venture studio industry for the better and ultimately making the world a better place, one company at a time. It’s exciting to see how the company will grow in the next five years, and fortunately, it’s up to the people to really drive this thing home and reap the success that they have sown.

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