May 28, 2024
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n$STATIC, an On-the-Rise Musician Ready to Take Center Stage with His New Album

For people wishing to enter the entertainment scene and the music industry, in particular, talent goes a long way in propelling their careers. Many of the stars who are currently at the top of the charts right now have transformed from promising artists to powerhouses because of their arsenal of skills. However, talent alone is not enough to establish a name and secure a stable position in any field. As demonstrated by n$STATIC, grit and hard work are also crucial in order to materialize one’s dreams and achieve a future of success. 

Nicholas Sylva, better known as n$STATIC, is a young go-getter who is on his way to the forefront of the music scene. Armed with the vision of one day dominating the charts and inspiring countless worldwide, he is going all-out in having his voice and songs heard. 

Since he was young, n$STATIC has always had an affinity for rhythms and beats. “I had always loved music since I received a cassette tape as a gift when I was a kid. I did not just like one genre as all spoke to me. My mother sang, as well, and it seemed like my whole life has revolved around music,” shares the multifaceted personality. His initial interest in the particular art eventually evolved into a deep-seated passion that would fuel his initiatives and prompt him to follow a musician’s journey. 

Highly competent at various instruments, n$STATIC has the ability not only to entice listeners because of his top-notch tracks but also evoke emotions through his songs. With every piece he creates, he goes the extra mile in making sure that he is bringing a different sound to the table and providing something distinctive to the music game. Putting his soul in every track he composes, the passion-fueled artist takes his time, and the extent of his efforts lies as a reason behind the quality of his album.

n$STATIC is expected to reach greater heights in the industry with the release of his first album this April 22. After having spent a year perfecting this brainchild of his, it is bound to make waves and capture the interest of music enthusiasts worldwide. The album comes with two music videos for the tracks “Motions” ft. Kngessence and “Fishin” ft. 10cellphones, both directed by Kevin Rios.

Given the number of artists right now who much prefer amping up their digital presence over honing their skills and putting in the work necessary to improve as musicians, n$STATIC has gained acclaim for his dedication toward the craft. Along with his unique sound and phenomenal tracks, the perseverance he has displayed from the get-go has allowed him to take center stage. 

While n$STATIC is gearing up to introduce the projects he has worked hard on to the public, this inspirational icon also aims to send across a powerful message of hope and encouragement to aspirants looking into dipping their toes in the music industry, emphasizing the importance of not only talent but also determination and hard work in making it anywhere.

Learn more about n$STATIC by visiting his Soundcloud page.

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