June 21, 2024
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NYC-Born Artist Moxie Knox Builds a Solid Reputation in the Music and Business Industry

More often than not, people commonly believe that leading a musician’s life is extremely challenging. Although aspiring artists struggle throughout various paths to their dreams, many individuals in the industry can attest that difficult times often make successful musicians. Instead of wallowing in despair and disbelief, many of these aspiring artists fight tooth and nail to become the best in the field. One such powerhouse who demonstrated similar grit and tenacity is Moxie Knox.

Moxie Knox is an esteemed singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, recording and mixing engineer, and actress. She has been in the business for quite some time, crafting tracks that speak volumes of her passion for music. A promising individual on her way to dominating the music industry, this multi-talented personality is ready to take on the world one song at a time.

Hailing from the Bronx, New York, Moxie Knox has always had an incredible affinity for beats, rhythm, and lyrics in creating timeless music. Moxie attended some of the best schools on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Harlem, and Brooklyn, all of which were incredibly diverse. On her way to school, Moxie would listen to music or write songs on the train, cultivating her talents at a very young age.

As a five-year-old dancer, she began carving a path in the industry, studying ballet and tap dancing at The Dance Theater of Harlem. She started studying at the Millenium Dance Company at ten, honing her talents in many forms of dance such as ballet, tap, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, and many more. Moxie later became a member of the Elliott Dance Company. Eventually, her talents took her to revered spaces like Alvin Ailey Studios. At five-years-old, Moxie also developed a deep-seated love for lyrics and poetry. She particularly found the wordplay of rappers very intriguing, inspiring her to study song structure and dive into the lyrics themselves. Eventually, she wrote songs and sang to those who would listen to her.

Moxie has actively participated in many of her schools’ programs, focusing on a balance of Math, Sciences and the Arts. These helped her develop a well-rounded perspective for her craft at an early age. During high school, she earned a prominent reputation as The Beacon School’s choreographer. She would hold auditions every year and her dances were the ones that her peers would seek out at school showcases. Before she became a well-known artist, Moxie also worked as a calculus tutor, rounding out her knowledge in the many facets of life. 

Pounding the pavement with her desire to develop her craft further, Moxie Knox began studying music theory, voice, classical music, songwriting, and ear training. For three years, she invested time and money in performance training, ear training, voice lessons and music theory courses. On top of that, Moxie also bought digital audio workstations, where she was able to produce music in her own home. 

Moxie’s distinctive musical talent elevates her above the competition. The artist composes her songs in acapella, a style she never knew was highly sought-after. Accordingly, many music lovers were in awe of her talent, allowing her to grow a solid fan base over a short span of time.

Moxie writes and crafts the sound for her songs with the help of many renowned musicians in the industry, either in-person or virtually. She records many of her vocals with no more than a metronome and a vision for her pieces. She also creates the treatments for all her independently released music videos and even plays a hand in directing or co-directing them.

Years down the road, Moxie Knox started to release music. In 2018, she dropped her first two singles, “Thorough” and “One More Time.” “Thorough” became a hit when it was reposted by Pigeons & Planes, a renowned music website under Complex Magazine. On the other hand, “One More Time” gained its stamp of recognition when it earned a spot on Audiomack’s Verified R&B Playlist while surpassing 40,000 streams in its first week. A year after, Moxie also released a music video for her self-love anthem, “Love Me Right,” through the Thirst For Yours campaign with Sprite and UPROXX, ultimately signifying her growth in the scene. Moxie always seamlessly combines her many talents with each creative release, merging her love for dancing and storytelling with her own music and videos.

“Love Me Right” has also been taking the industry by storm as many of her fans from the dance and art communities all over the world started choreographing and covering it. Now at over 10 million streams, the single has also been featured in Joe Kay’s Soulection Apple Music Playlist and Radio, an elevating mix of future beats, reggae and afrobeat. Many of Moxie’s fans expressed how her music has changed their lives, some saying they decided to be better partners to their lovers, file divorce from an unhealthy marriage, and even stopping their plans for suicide.  

Recently, Moxie Knox released a ten-song debut album entitled Ride, featuring production by herself, Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist and composer Phillip Lewis, award-winning producer and engineer High Octane, and multi-platinum engineer Anthony Daniel. The album was accompanied by two music videos of her tracks, “Curious” and “Too Late,” and also saw her take on the role as the face of Pandora’s Indie R&B playlist. “Ride” and her latest single, “Open Up,” were mastered by Dan Millice, a full-time mastering engineer who has worked with French Montana, Kanye West, Nas, ASAP Rocky, 50 Cent, and more. In addition, “Open Up” has two music videos with a day and a night version. Coinciding with its release, Moxie launched a merch shop that features totes and premium shirts with embroidered lyrics from the song.

The artist is currently coming up with several exciting drops, releases, and features, with well-known producers like Maya Jane Coles and musicians from countries such as Germany, London, the Netherlands, and more.

As Moxie Knox climbs the summits of the music realm, she continues to transcend limitations. As a matter of fact, she will perform with Sofar Sounds on October 29, 2022, at a secret location in Los Angeles. Anyone who wants to witness her talents may purchase a ticket through this link.

Although the music and entertainment scene is admittedly difficult, Moxie Knox’s success is a genuine attestation that it gets better. So long as one stays committed to materializing their goals, anything is possible.

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