June 12, 2024
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Ondre Gipson Develops True Hustler Entertainment to Mirror and Celebrate the Real Hustle of Ordinary People

Hustling is a common element among all people, from the small entrepreneur who transformed a business into a multi-million dollar company to the day-to-day people who work hard to make ends meet and keep their loved ones comfortable. When it comes to hustling, everyone has a story to tell, and these stories are best told either in the company of good people or through the merchandise that reveals powerful messages. To tell these admirable stories, Ondre Gipson, also known as Drizz, developed True Hustler Entertainment, an emerging brand that is showing great potential in the area of event organizing and merchandise production. 

Prior to creating the brand, the founder has always been best known for his unique ability to organize events while he was in college. He soon realized that he has a gift for bringing people together. He also started to sell shirts from the trunk of his car after each event that also served as a promotion of his ongoing projects. His shirts quickly drew attention, and people were more than eager not just to attend his events but also to wear his merchandise. As the seasons changed, his loyal followers prodded him to offer hoodies and sweatsuits. What started out as a simple project became a full-blown business in no time at all.

“We offer something to every industry while still maintaining our luxury appeal,” Ondre Gipson explained. “We don’t cut any corners with our products and services; this is what makes us so sought after. We are one of the only brands that can be seen in a boardroom, basketball court, and the trenches simultaneously. This is because our brand aligns with a common goal that stretches far beyond race and tax brackets—winning,” he added.

True Hustler Entertainment embodies the attributes that true winners represent. The brand promotes the idea that winning is not only an option but an obligation—a commitment to hustle for families and loved ones. Whenever people see the logo of the company that shows TH, Ondre Gipson wants to promote respect for those who believe in the value of working hard in order to make things happen. 

Seeing the potential to grow the business further, Gipson is now looking at expanding in the home and living space industries with his Kiss the Chef expansion idea. He is looking at adding air fryers, pots, pans, and knives to the True Hustler Entertainment brand and elevating it further. 

As an event organizer, Ondre Gipson learned from the best names in the industry, including Will Duckery and Erik Leonard. Duckery, also known as Will D, is a successful entrepreneur in the Delaware area, owning Fairways Inn and Will D Auto Connections in Smyrna. Leonard is also a successful entrepreneur from Jersey who is into several ventures, from a barbershop to a daycare center, trucking company, a studio known as Getting Live Entertainment. Their track record has been nothing but inspiring to Gipson, and he aspires to use their business insights in growing True Hustler Entertainment. 

Despite being relatively new in the business, Ondre Gipson considers his company a formidable brand that will stand the test of time. In the next five years, he envisions himself rubbing elbows with some of the country’s biggest CEOs who are running well-known brands. In the long run, he would like to step aside as CEO of his company and continue to operate as an advisor so he can work on growing his investment portfolio. As he continues to hustle to achieve success, he hopes that others will find the motivation to also pursue their dreams. 

Learn more about True Hustler Entertainment by visiting its website. Follow the company on Facebook and Instagram for updates on its latest projects. 

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