April 21, 2024
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Opera Singer and Fashion Designer Radmila Lolly Has an Exciting Project in the Works

Opera singer, composer and couture designer Radmila Lolly has announced her latest project, a 6D “DIVA” project, which is a self-composed 32-movement album, novel, couture line and film all created and produced by the talented singer.

The upcoming project is Radmila Lolly’s way of celebrating her artistry and showcasing her passions covering music, entertainment, fashion and film. The project will kick off with a grandiose dance show followed by Radmila performing songs from the album accompanied by  a live orchestra. Radmila Lolly’s fashion line, ELTARA CASATA by Radmila Lolly, will also be on display through the performers who will be wearing pieces from the brand’s latest collection.

Radmila Lolly’s upcoming project is a climax of a long journey in the creative space, and describing her journey; she said: “The arts meant everything to me as a child without me even realizing it. The first art form I pursued was opera; simultaneously, while growing up, I liked to dress up, even though I had limited options. Fashion isn’t about budget, it’s about developing your personal style. The fashion genes run in my family. My grandmother was a designer and dressmaker, and my mother is an artist, dressmaker, and a designer.”

Being a multifaceted creator makes up a big part of Radmila Lolly’s life journey, and she believes firmly in using storytelling to communicate art through multiple mediums such as singing, writing, designing and directing. She is the type of person who never fails to take action when needed, and that quality has helped her find success in her numerous passions. 

Never one to run away from challenges, Radmila is always willing to go through anything to make things happen. Challenges do not deter her but rather spur her to go all the way out to achieve her set goals. Over the years, she has seen many people root for her and support her because of their belief in her. She draws inspiration from that support and, in turn, works hard to be successful enough to help other people become successful too.Radmila Lolly’s career as a singer has been illustrious, with numerous albums and singles to her credit. Her albums and singles include Magic City, Wonderland, Rule 1, Snake Body, 4 Short Stories from the Standard Hotel, Hope, Masquerade, and When I’m With You. She has also performed at numerous important events, most recently being her performance of the national anthem during the basketball game between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers. In addition, she’s currently working on completing a script for a television series.

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