May 25, 2024
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Oscar P Shoots for the Stars and Devises Means to Make Comedy Enjoyable for All

Art is relative, and it means different things to different people. To some, art is the way to entertain themselves after a long and hard day at work; for others, it is how they express their emotions. It is a means of livelihood for some, while some pursue art solely because of their passion. Oscar P is a funny man and he uses comedy as a tool to bring laughter and joy to his audience. 

Oscar P is an American stand-up comedian whose comedy career took off in 2012 in Memphis, Tennessee, at Loose Goose, a small bar and grill. He started working open mics before joining Funny Bone, where he met Lester Bibs and was the host at the club until Chuckles Comedy House came calling. He has also been chosen as one of the 101 comedians that will be appearing in the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas later in the year. He recently completed his audition for Chocolate Sundaes with the Laugh Factory LA and is also shooting a pilot for Double Duty. 

According to Oscar, he is coming into the mainstream comedy industry when the world has grown deeper into conservatism, thus leaving creatives no choice but to walk on eggshells and be careful about what they say and do. He admits that even though getting on the stage every day to tell jokes is difficult, as a comedian, it is his responsibility to find humor and diffuse tension no matter the situation. “Comedians have to be the beaming light or the dark tunnel to expose the humor in this thing called life. So I feel that my brand of comedy confronts issues as well as heel hurts at the same time.”

Oscar P is a product of hard work, having learned from his father the importance of getting up daily to strive and make ends meet. Therefore, when comedy came calling, he didn’t just see it as a passion or an avenue to make the audience laugh, but instead, he sought creative ways to hone his craft, monetize it, and rub shoulders with the best of the best. 

In addition, Oscar is spearheading a change in the comedy industry alongside some like-minded individuals about the possibility of making comedy safer for comedians and their audience while reducing the possibility of touching sensitive issues or having the audience turn against the comedians. “The next five years, I plan on continuing to build my brand and creating content for TV. My ambition has me focusing on the big stage giving the audience’s laughter for their soul and giving back to the community.” Oscar P also hopes to make his way into movies, sitcoms, and travel the entire world spreading humor and love. 

Oscar P is a husband, father, lover of animals. He describes himself as a compassionate asshole that sees the world from an angle where he believes everyone can do better. “We all can do better. I am at fault; you are too. We got to love,” he shared.

Connect with Oscar P via his official website to learn more. IG: oscarpfunny 

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