May 24, 2024
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Out of the Box Training: How the Unconventional Hyperarch Fascia Training Helped Gabriel Emmanuel and Led him To Decathlon Gold

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Sourced Photo

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In the world of mainstream sports and training programs, the importance of the fascia is often overlooked. However, for decathlon gold medalist Gabriel Emmanuel, fascia training played a crucial role in his performance and recovery process. Emmanuel is now working with Hyperarch Fascia Training (HFT) and Coach Chong Xie to take his training and recovery to the next level.

Gabriel Emmanuel’s impressive track record is one that track fans around the world are on the edge of their seats for. Most notably, the young athlete scored his career best of 7,860 points in the World Junior Championships 2022 held in Cali, Colombia, consequently bagging third place on the Dutch U20 all-time list.

His success can be attributed to his intense training regimen and dedication to the sport. In addition to incorporating Hyperarch Fascia Training into his routine, Emmanuel has been working with renowned Hyperarch Fascia Training Coach Chong Xie, who is known for his innovative approach to sports performance and recovery. 2x UFC Champion Zhang Weili was also an early adopter of this type of training[1]. By focusing on the fascia and nerves system, Xie’s methods help to optimize muscle contraction and reduce inflammation and speed up body recovery, allowing athletes like Emmanuel to reach their peak performance and recover from wear and tear faster than normal, mainstream methods.

Fascia is the connective tissue that links muscles, bones, and organs, and it plays a significant role in athletic performance and recovery. Hyperarch Fascia Training’s fascia-focused approach helps ensure optimal muscle contraction, recovery, and reduced injury risk by targeting the fascia system. By prioritizing accuracy and precision in movements, athletes can be at their best with faster recovery.

Emmanuel’s interview reveals that he incorporated fascia training and slow sprinting into his training routine, resulting in his injury gradually disappearing. The young athlete says, “I’m gonna train everyday and I can; I just do what I can do, so I did a bit of fascia training and a lot of slow sprinting.”

Watch the full interview here.

His dedication to training every day, coupled with the Hyperarch Fascia Training approach, allowed him to recover just in time, with the pain almost gone after six weeks. “I would say the last six weeks, I trained everyday really hard, and the pain was almost gone,” Emmanuel said.

Hyperarch Fascia Training’s approach to sports performance has proven to be especially effective in helping athletes overcome chronic injuries and improving overall performance. UFC Champion Zhang Weili has also credited her training with Coach Chong Xie and Hyperarch Fascia Training with helping her recover faster and build a stronger foundation.

Coach Chong Xie is a pioneer and leading expert in fascia-focused approach to sports performance and recovery. With his expertise, Hyperarch Fascia Training has helped countless athletes bounce back from injuries, providing a holistic approach to athletic recovery programs. With Hyperarch Fascia Training and Coach Xie paving the way for a new kind of training, we can expect to see continued advancements in sports performance and recovery for athletes of all levels.

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