July 16, 2024
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Papi Pookz Treads an Uncharted Course to Become Makeup Guru

Within and outside the makeup world, a stereotype exists that men cannot be a makeup artist. Quite often, men in the makeup business are more in sales and marketing. However, Papi Pookz chose to tear down that stereotype and excel as a makeup artist. This, he did despite mockery, jeers, and boos from many people around him.

One interesting part of Papi Pookz’s story is that he was bullied for years because he developed an interest in makeup when he was in high school, and he would wear makeup to school. He never let the bullying deter him from his dreams, and even after high school, he didn’t stop. He only worked on his major insecurity at the time, which was his obesity by losing 145 lbs.

Papi Pookz comes from West Kendall, Miami, and has worked in different parts of the United States over the years. His love for makeup is natural, and all the skills he works with today are 100% self-taught. He spent years learning and practicing to become the highly sought-after makeup artist that he is today. Papi Pookz has worked in various cities like Los Angeles, New York, and his home city, Miami. He has networked and gained valuable connections that have helped his career flourish. His social media also has an organic following, which has placed him in a position where people look up to his works.

His journey as a makeup artist was inspired by drag queens, and within a short time, he became popular in clubs and at festivals. By the time he started working on different clients, his skills improved, and he became the rave of the moment, with many people saying he had a “magic touch.” Papi Pookz got his big break after a few years of working independently and actively building a network. He landed some gigs with rapper Leaf and worked on some productions for some big fashion brands at DJ Khaled’s studio.

Just as his career was blooming, the pandemic struck, and it suffered a huge setback. However, instead of resting, Papi Pookz adapted to the situation and started developing a digital way to apply makeup. His graphics design skills came in handy, and he created a filter during the pandemic. The filter smoothens the skin like a foundation and concealer. Within 24 hours, the filter had been used by more than 500 thousand people. This made his Instagram account blow up and get more exposure.

At that point, Papi Pookz knew the only way to go from there was up. He began to get reviews from people that his filter made them feel good from home. They didn’t need to step out or look for a makeup artist. His filter did all the work, and nothing has made him prouder than that in his entire career as a makeup artist.

Papi Pookz, as a brand and makeup, has been through some of the most difficult situations, but not once has he been deterred on his journey to success. He is planning to move into the hair business within the next five years while traveling worldwide, working at events, festivals, and commercial productions. He also plans to go into beauty products for makeup, hair, and skin to expand his territory and reach as an entrepreneur. The Papi Pookz brand is set for a total takeover, and it is worth watching.

Learn more about Papi Pookz on his Instagram page.

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