July 21, 2024
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Personal Trainer Ryan Harden Prioritizes Custom Training and Nutrition at Harden Performance

It is challenging to make the necessary lifestyle changes to live healthier and improve one’s fitness. Achieving lasting change in this area requires consistency and discipline, and working with a qualified personal trainer can also benefit individuals who want an extra helping hand on their fitness journey. Ryan Harden has been a personal trainer for over a decade and has recently launched his online personal training company, Harden Performance. His expertise in fitness and nutrition makes his services a cut above the rest. Through Harden Performance, Ryan has helped reshape countless lives and improved the health of all the individuals under his wing.

Ryan Harden began his fitness journey in high school. Self-conscious about his body, he started going to the gym and playing sports such as American football, baseball, and track and field. At first, he focused on physical fitness, but soon he also found the value in the mind-body-spirit connection. Working out became a form of focused meditation for this wellness enthusiast. To round out his approach, Ryan also focused on nutrition, which led him to attend the University of Kentucky to study Dietetics. His solid background in fitness and nutrition helped him gain a competitive edge as a personal trainer who utilizes a holistic approach.

For over ten years, Ryan has built a successful career as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Recently, he launched Harden Performance, a subscription-based personal training service. Through this company, Ryan works with his clients and develops a highly personalized training plan for them that includes their fitness goals, lifestyle, dietary needs, and access to gym facilities and equipment. “Each person has different goals and different needs. I do not provide cookie-cutter plans at Harden Performance. My knowledge in this field enables me to create a custom program that works for each of my clients,” he explained.

Harden Performance has worked with clients from all walks of life. From beginners to seasoned fitness enthusiasts and professionals, Ryan has provided training services for them all. Furthermore, he has mastered creating effective programs for all fitness levels and goals, and his expertise shows through his diverse and growing clientele, which includes professional and competitive bodybuilders, wheelchair users, and individuals starting or getting back into an active lifestyle. These individuals are proof of Ryan’s credibility and effectiveness as a leading expert in the personal training field. 

Ryan Harden is also a certified nutritionist, which is why he emphasizes proper diet and nutrition for all his clients. For this elite trainer, nutrition supports the physical aspect of fitness and is an integral part of a sustainable healthy lifestyle. He is always quick to remind his clients that they will achieve the results they want when they also get the proper fuel their bodies need.

With Ryan’s insight into the relationship between fitness and nutrition, he is also set to launch a line of health supplements under Harden Essentials. These supplements will be available to anyone who needs them and is also meant to work in conjunction with the sessions he provides for his clients. 

One of the first health supplements he will launch is an ashwagandha gummy that relieves stress. This supplement uses a trademarked form of the herb, which contains the highest bioavailability of the extracts. The formulation also includes vitamin D and lemon balm for a calming effect. “Aside from exercises and nutrition, the Harden Essentials supplements will also help foster that mind-body connection. My goal with this venture is to provide high-quality supplements to people,” Ryan explained. 

For over ten years, Ryan Harden has made a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals as they grow in their health and fitness journey. Ryan sees himself continuing on this path for years to come through his work at Harden Performance and his upcoming brand, Harden Essentials.

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