June 15, 2024
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The Goal is to Win More for the Clients – Plays That Pay, One of the Leading Sports Consultancy Companies in the World

Over the years, sports consulting has gained popularity due to the involvement of people in sports handicapping and betting. The existence of sports consulting firms is crucial since they have analysts who review various teams and their performances to provide information on whether a team will win or lose in the next match.   

Even though the analysis is not always accurate, some sports consultancy firms have a higher success rate than others. One such well-known company that is trending for its accurate predictions is Plays That Pay. Launched by Alex Parlay in 2020, the firm provides sports consulting services by studying a sport and predicting the game, as well as the performance of the players. The sports the company handicaps in are NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAAB, and NCAAF.

While every firm has its own strategy, Plays That Pay makes decisions based on stats, reviews of older games, rest days of the team, injuries of the players, as well as the venue. Other aspects that impact the outcome also include the weather, starting line-ups, and the motivation of the team. After all these factors are studied in great detail, simulations are run in Python to help them predict which team has the highest odds of winning. The picks are sent to the clients near each game time to ensure there are no last-minute changes in team rosters.

Talking about the aim behind Plays That Pay, Alex shared, “It was founded to become the best sports consulting company in the world. We want to continue attracting clients that trust us and buy from us long-term. The company has one goal: Continue seeking new wins to get an edge on the game so we can maximize our winning percentage to allow clients to win as much as possible!”

According to Alex Parlay, he always knew he had a gift for this business since he has been involved in sports analysis from a young age. He noticed things that others didn’t such as the facial expressions of a player before the game, their body language, the pace at which they walked, etc. The fact that he grew up playing sports like basketball, football, and baseball also helped him immensely. 

Even as a child, Alex was engrossed in figuring out the weaknesses of his opponents so he could find an edge over them. His talents were furthermore amplified when he received an MBA degree. His time at university taught him how to study analytics and develop models to perfect sports betting predictions. “All the stats in the world don’t mean much unless you know to manipulate the data in a way that provides great predictions for sporting event outcomes,” he explained. 

The expert sports handicapper also revealed that though the strategy by Plays That Pay isn’t perfect, it is better than those of his competitors. This is because the firm puts in the time to analyze every detail possible instead of giving a verdict based on instincts. It’s due to this dedication that the firm has won several underdog picks and big parlays. The biggest parlay winner of Plays That Pay is +850. “We have done a great job at accurately predicting the outcomes of games,” Alex stated. 

He further went on to say, “While there are ups and downs in our business, clients know that we are consistent with our predictions. As a result, we’ve gained their trust. Do we win every pick we choose? No. Do we win often? Absolutely!”

As far as Plays That Pay is concerned, Alex shared that his company has been in the business for the past two years and has acquired loyal clients. “Most people start this business, don’t make the money they had hoped for in a month, and quit. Because of my strong self-belief and persistence, I have been able to achieve what 99% of people in this business don’t,” he said. 

Though the firm has gained instant popularity due to its high level of accuracy, Alex Parlay aims to continue working hard till the company gains international recognition. His goal is to make Plays That Pay the biggest and best sports consulting company in the world.

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