May 24, 2024
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Pop Artist Max Henry King Drops His Latest Single “Bank Robbery”

One of the hottest and most dynamic pop stars around, Max Henry King has recently released his new song, “Bank Robbery.” His newest single is a hyper pop tune that was produced by a Grammy award winner.

Max Henry King shares that his ex-girlfriend inspired the song. They were already planning on getting married until he got locked up in jail. “Bank Robbery” describes the story of how his ex-girlfriend stuck with him throughout his jail time. Emotions of jealousy, confusion, and anger infiltrated their relationship; and it led to an eventual breakup. Max even asked her to run away with him to Europe one last time, but she was reluctant because she didn’t want to leave her family. An incredible tragedy that is captured in this beautiful tune.

One of the aspects of the song “Bank Robbery” that makes it a standout is its unique and unparalleled melody. Max does a phenomenal job expressing the runaway message through the melancholy tone in his voice, which resounds the melancholy he felt throughout the heartbreak. The melancholy is demonstrated in the line “back again, back again, back again and we are having a good time,” signifying the return of his one true love. This line symbolizes the hope that Max feels. The hope that maybe one day, he can be together with her in another life, and it can all be resolved. 

One of the major themes of the song is travel. The mention of a plane and a car signifies that Max Henry King wants the listener to always feel in motion. The beat sonically demonstrates this motion through the 808s bouncing within his vocals. As a songwriter, Max Henry King loves to use symbolic imagery and onomatopoeia. For example, when he says, “She got that la-di-da-di-dum,” he could be symbolizing the idea of how she used to walk down the street with him so carefree. Max wants the listener to escape reality, feeling the rush of living on the run and robbing a bank. A feeling that he would love to share with his listeners.

Max is a passionate artist who brings vibrant, youthful energy that pulls listeners into the sound, story, and tragedy of “Bank Robbery.” Max Henry King has a bright future ahead of himself as an artist, and this song truly captures his heart as a musician. The stories that Max Henry King will tell next through his future songs will all the more excite his listeners all over the world. He plans to release his first studio album, Last in Line, sometime this year, and “Bank Robbery” is confirmed to be one of the songs on the project. “Bank Robbery” is now available for streaming on Spotify.

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