July 20, 2024
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Popular Chick Flick Movies to Watch on HBO Max

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If you are a die-hard rom-com and chick flick fan like us, you are going to LOVE the list which we have compiled for you below.

These movies are perfect if you just need to cut loose and spend a few hours sobbing over the excellent, yet fictional love stories of your favourite movie characters.

So, get on with watching these movies on HBO Max in South Africa as well as in other countries.

Our advice? Keep some snacks on your lap and a box of tissues on your side just in case a proposal scene turns out to be too emotional for you.

1. Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy rich boy, a financially independent girl, and a disapproving future mother-in-law – the plot seems to be more common and relatable for people in reality.

This movie focuses on the life of a Chinese-American professor, Rachel, who travels to Singapore with her boyfriend to attend a wedding in his family.

What surprises her is how her boyfriend’s family is one of the richest ones in their country. What follows is a series of challenging moments of Rachel adjusting to the family dynamic, mainly focused on his mother not approving her based on their financial status.

Watch this show to see how the story ends and whether or not the happy couple makes it work.

2. 50 First Dates

Adam Sandler fans, this is for you! This movie contains your stereotypical play-boy protagonist who spends all his time hopping on from one woman to another until he falls flat on his face for a woman with short-term memory loss.

As she entered his life, turning his world around, he knew there wasn’t anyone else he would ever go for. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler gave some of their best performances in this movie and kept the viewers hooked to their seats till the very end.

3. Letters to Juliet

This is one of the most wholesome movies with Amanda Seyfried playing the role of Sophie, who visits Verona, Italy, on a trip and ends up at Juliet’s courtyard, a place of attraction for many tourists who visit there to write letters to loved ones.

There, she finds a unique letter that was written in 1957 that sets her off to find the writer of that letter and help reunite him with his long-lost love.

It is a unique love story that focuses on the theme of love being ever-lasting and loyal till the very end.

4. Blended

This is another unique love story featuring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore but with a storyline different from your classic chick-flick movie.

We have always been under the impression that it is hard to find love again after you are divorced or widowed, but this movie gives this perception a refreshing upgrade.

Blended revolves around the plot of two single parents who go on a blind date which goes wrong. Little did they know that fate had plans to reunite them, this time with their children at an African safari resort.

We got to give it to Cupid for thinking out of the box this time!

5. I Love You, Man

Unlike all the chick movies that focus solely on romantic love stories, this one is unique for one crucial reason. This movie focuses on the ample need for platonic male friendships for men as they move forward with their lives.

Due to Peter Klaven’s feminine side in his personality, he struggles to make friends until he realises, he has no one to name Best Man at his wedding.

Watch this movie to see how he finally gains a wholesome friendship with a man who accepts him for who he is and is there for him through almost everything!

6. Miss Congeniality

When Gracie Hart, a tomboy FBI agent, is given a task to get a makeover in order to take part in an infamous beauty pageant, she loses her mind (and a lot of hair on her body).

Her mission was to blend into the group with other contestants to save them from a terrorist attack. As she goes undercover with a personality that is far from her own, she finds various things about life that she never noticed before, and genuine female friendships are one of them.

It is an amazing movie with Sandra Bullock gracing the screen the way she always did.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter how old you are because the right chick flick movie will always hit you in the feels. The list we have shared with you above contains some of the popular movies that have been loved by teens and adults alike.

So, have fun streaming these chick flick movies on HBO Max this weekend, and even better, invite some of your best friends to watch them with you for a more relaxing time together.

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