May 29, 2024
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Power Couple In The Real Estate Field; Focus On Growing Family And Luxury Brokerage Experience

Real Estate
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Joseph and Skyler Wheeler are the husband and wife team behind Coastal Estates Group, a leading, family-owned brokerage in Orange County, CA. 

In a relatively short time, the team has built their business into a successful and trusted go-to brokerage company in and around the area. The pair’s focus is on the California luxury home Real Estate niche.

Coastal Estates Group routinely represents high-level clients and oversees multi-million dollar transactions. Such high stakes might have a lesser partnership frazzled or stressed. Not the Wheeler’s – they thrive on the challenge by ensuring key elements are put in place, such as; customer satisfaction and service. It’s essential to the couple that they retain integrity every step of the way. 

The Wheelers don’t conduct business at the expense of personal goals, like partaking in some of life’s “natural events.” Joey and Skyler have had a few more achievements this past year. They brought their relationship to the next level, making their commitment to each other official and tying the knot this past June. And then, in November, another personal milestone was reached when the pair became parents and welcomed their first child, Sierra Noel. 

From the beginning, the company has succeeded by building on the premise of a shared goal. A goal that both Joey and Skyler possess, as well as the clients they represent. When Joseph Wheeler started and built Coastal Estates Group in 2017 on the foundation of the promise of a future and, subsequently, that of his burgeoning family. With each transaction, he keeps his clients in mind, whether on the buying or selling side of the fence.

Joey’s years of experience in Real Estate gave him the expertise needed to set him on that course, to create a business that pinpointed a market that could use his unique family-based perspective. 

Real Estate
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Skyler Wheeler opened Radiant Hot Yoga in Newport Beach alongside relatives. The family-operated establishment has persisted in the community for over ten years, and this is where Skyler says she cultivated her mission to “dedicate my life to the service of others.” Skyler worked with individuals who shared the common thread of practicing mindful connection and camaraderie through the physicality of hot Yoga. 

When Skyler joined the Coastal Estates Group in 2021, she quickly became an excellent resource for the company as she brought her unique mindset, skills, and love for customer service to real estate. Skyler and Joey are thrilled to be able to run and operate a family-owned business. Their different professional backgrounds complement one another, and both halves come together as a whole to operate as a powerhouse. Their varied approach to serving and representing clients allows Joey and Skyler to focus on different areas of clients’ needs and then meet somewhere in the middle to provide a tailored experience. 

The pooling of resources gives the pair an edge to successfully represent buyers and sellers on multi-million dollar transactions every day, with a growing family backstory that keeps them in touch with their humanity.  

The couple enjoys the journey and remains thankful they can provide their clients with a luxury buying and selling experience to match the luxury homes they represent.

As Joseph Wheeler put it, the key is “Providing expertise and service to both buyers and sellers is extremely important.” This remains at the core of every interaction at Coastal Estates Group, whether with a client or not. 

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