June 13, 2024
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Powerless to Powerful: Josias Jean-Pierre Helps Create Abundance Amidst Hopelessness

One of the most famous lines from Shakespeare’s works is “the world is your oyster.” This idiom first appeared in his play called The Merry Wives of Windsor. Metaphorically-speaking, the saying simply means that you make the most of any situation. Like opening a shell oyster, you have to put any effort into it to break the shell and see what is inside. In most situations, you can get an oyster or a pearl if you are considered lucky. However, you won’t know what’s inside until you start catching and opening the oyster. Like the idiom, Josias Jean-Pierre contemplates that such is life. 

As an author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, Jean-Pierre lives by the same mantra that the world is your oyster. Life presents you with endless opportunities, and all you need to do is reach for them as high as you can. Considering his life background, it may seem easier said than done. From the very start, Jean-Pierre had already been tested by life when he was medically diagnosed with epilepsy right after he was born. Growing up, he experienced academic struggles due to his inability to process information efficiently. However, this impairment did not stop him from diving and searching for his oysters. Rather, he strived hard to finish his education and proved that he could overcome whatever obstacles are thrown at his path.

Josias Jean-Pierre serves as an inspiration for the many who walked through a rough patch in life. That is why he started his speaking engagements to communicate his personal message of hope, purpose, and fulfillment. He has centered his attention on helping others overcome their own problems. Using his own experience, he teaches others how to be resilient and tenacious in achieving their dreams and goals. In his messages, he pays attention to the powerless, hopeless, and the visionless. These members of the community should not be left behind, for these people are the ones who most need assistance and support. 

His ability to reach out to people personally has allowed him to facilitate various speaking events. At one point, he was invited to speak at the Trio Civic Leadership conference in Washington state. Trio is a federal outreach and student support service program that focuses on enhancing education for students of disadvantaged backgrounds. Moreover, he had been a resource speaker to 500 youths in Seattle, Washington, to bring social awareness, healing, and comfort regarding the recent school shootings. He was also able to work with key professionals such as John Carlos, the American football player, Angela Rye, CNN’s political commentator.

On top of his speaking career, Josias Jean-Pierre is a renowned author. He has written two helpful books titled The Power of Your Words and What is Your Why Behind the Drive. These books are a testament to the hard work he put through in making people’s lives easier. His writings have reached large audiences imported with affirmation and a sense of hope.  

Josias Jean-Pierre’s mantra of helping the disadvantaged continues to live up to this day. “Teaching the powerless how to become powerful is a concept that highlights the idea of sending the elevator back down so that others can reach the top,” he said. Follow him on Instagram for more details.

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